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December 1, 2011

Making the Perfect Christmas Bow

Making the Perfect Christmas Bow with tips from the pros at The Container Store

Call me a dork, but part of my favorite things about Christmas is not just buying the gifts, but wrapping them. I take great pleasure in carefully selecting my wrapping paper and ribbon. I love wrapping presents so much I even have a gift-wrapping room in my house (well, it’s a room with a lot of gift wrap and other things as well.)

Unfortunately, although I have tried many, many times, making the perfect bow has not been easy for me – at least until now. I usually have just made a simple bow (like the way you do on your shoes), but have honestly yearned to learn how to make one of those pretty, pom-pom ribbons like you used to get when stores wrapped your gifts.

However, during a special presentation, one of my guilty pleasures – The Container Store, showed me that there was still hope to make the perfect bow. So much so, they even made me make one myself and it came out just the way it supposed to! Now, I pass on the love to you and present my holiday present: my secret to making “The Perfect Christmas Bow.”

And like every time I’ve ever been to The Container Store, I spotted some more things I didn’t know they made, but now I had to have. First was “Neat Roll.” All I can say, is “why didn’t I think of that?” It’s like those wrap bracelets we had when we were growing up – except you use it to close off your wrapping paper. Genius really and you should get yours now because this little guy was literally flying off the shelves!

The other one was this container for my son’s Legos – which of course, was a huge Lego. They even had one for the little men and it came in so many sizes and prices, which means that we will probably have to get more of these as well.

I bought a lot more stuff too and if you ever want to talk more about organization – then we should meet for lunch and a date at The Container Store. Perhaps this might be my new girlfriend getaway (when I’ve only got an hour to spare.)

Happy Wrapping!

Please note: I attended a special blogger event at The Container Store to learn about the resources I have discussed here, but my sincere love of The Container Store is all my own.

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