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November 16, 2011

Wardrobe Issues


If you were to ask me what was the single most consistent point if contention in our house right now, I would say, simply, wardrobe.

Yes, wardrobe.

This crazy Texas Summer/Fall/Winter weather is not a mother's friend.

Having children who strongly object to any transition to long pants and long sleeves doesn't help the situation.

Weather forecasters who incorrectly predict rain, along with a cold front, aren't serving me well.

Elementary schools that are unwilling or unable to comfortably regulate the air conditioning-to-heat ratio only add to my struggles.

Every morning that is not a spring-like 65-70 degrees means an argument.

"I want to wear shorts!"

"Pleeeease can I wear short sleeves????!!"

"I am NOT wearing long sleeves. I am BROILING at school."

"You don't understand! I play kickball better when I'm wearing shorts!"

"I promise that I'll wear my fleece coat over the short sleeves!"

These declarations are answered with:

"I know you like shorts better, but it's too cold. You'll get sick."

"No, you may not wear short sleeves today. It's 38 degrees."

"You'll not be able to play kickball, at all, if you are home sick." 

"If it's cold enough for the fleece coat, it's too cold for short sleeves!"

....and on we go.

Eye rolls, heavy sighs, growls and outright nastiness accompany us at the breakfast table. The days are not off to positive, bright starts. "Have a good day, honey! Do your best and make good choices!" rings a bit hollow after a knock-down, drag-out screaming match over the wardrobe, just five minutes earlier.

First graders don't grasp the concept of layering; they don't see the benefit or the compromise yet. They are not capable of seeing "You can take it off after lunch, if the day gets warmer!" They only see "I don't get to wear short sleeves!"

So, I'll keep at it.....mean old mom, insisting on warm clothes for cold mornings and suffering through the outrage at pick-up time, when it's warmed up, even when the weather guy said it wouldn't do so.

Such is the life of a mom. Now go put on your coat.



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