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November 2, 2011

Football Is For Everyone



It's Football Season, no doubt about it. Baseball is over. Basketball is not even happening. Little kid Flag Football is starting, practices and games. We have football themed TV commercials; the Sunday Night Football song, Monday Night Football song and College Game Day theme song are ringing through my head, constantly. 

Dear old dad brought home some football freebies for our kids this week. They are pint-sized, easy grip balls with bright colors. Our seven-year-old son, as expected, immediately began throwing it around the house, breakable objects, be darned. He is the quarterback, the receiver and the punt returner, all in one.

Our daughter got a football, too. Also as expected, she did not immediately begin throwing it around, but our dad is a "equal opportunity giver," so he didn't want leave her out. She said thank you and promptly marched off with it under her arm. Meanwhile, we moved on to other things and never wondered about it again.

A few hours later, as we were cleaning up the playroom, we stumbled across her football. 

It was beautifully decorated with florescent marker daisies and stuck into a pail, like a flower pot. 

THIS is how a four-year-old girl makes best use of a football. This week, she's watered it, added more marker-flowers and brought it outside to "get some sun."

Yes, indeed, football is for everyone. 

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