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October 31, 2011

Tonight's Game Plan: Trick or Treating Done Smart


Tips Courtesy of Smart911

Trick-or-treating with your youngsters
1)      If you’re headed out with a large group make sure there is a buddy system place. A big crowd is fun, but it’s easy for a child to get left behind or mixed in with other groups.
2)      Select a meeting place your child knows, such as your home or a neighbor’s home. Tell your child if you get separated to head right to that meeting place. 
3)      Scout out neighborhoods in your town in advance and find out which ones are well lit and have sidewalks.
4)      Call your local police station in advance to let them know which neighborhoods will be most heavily trafficked with trick-or-treaters; this will get some extra attention on speeding drivers and help increase safety.
5)      Take a digital photo or your kids before you trick-or-treat. While it’s great for the scrapbook, it’s also important to have a recent and detailed description in the event of an emergency. A photo could be critical to helping any emergency efforts. And if you’ve set up a Smart911 Safety Profile, upload a recent photo of your child there as well. 
Trick-or-treating safety tips for your teen
1)      If your child doesn’t have their own cell phone, lend them your phone or your spouse’s phone for the night or pick-up a pre-paid cell. Make sure all the important numbers your child would need are easily found (9-1-1, parents and perhaps a neighbor).
2)      If your kids are heading out with friends, make sure you know who they are trick or treating with. Exchange phone numbers with your child’s friends and their parents. In the event of an emergency they will be the first people you probably call. 
3)      If your kids aren’t trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, scope out the neighborhood where they’re headed. Make sure the area looks safe and discuss what streets they plan to target.
4)      Create a timeline, discuss what time your kid plans to head out, where they plan to go and what time they will return home. 
5)      Make sure you know what your child will be dressed as. If they are dressing at friend’s house or pulling together a last minute costume, it’s important to be able to provide a detail description in the event of an emergency.
6)      Set ground rules- number one, make sure your child never enters a person’s house. If they can’t bring the candy out to the door step, walk away.

Don't forget your free food: While you're out - remember, when your kids wear a costume, they eat for free tonight at Dickey's!

About Smart 911

Smart911 is a free service that was recently made available to citizens and families in Cedar Hill, DoSoto and Duncanville. Smart911 is saving lives by providing critical information to 9-1-1 call takers the second a call is made via Safety Profiles that citizens can easily create (even through Facebook) for their entire households. Profiles can include information like any health conditions, allergies, up-to-date photos of family members (which is vital in the case of an Amber Alert), descriptive address, pets, etc., which pop up immediately so the call taker has this life-saving information before the caller even says a word.

Especially on Halloween, having an updated Smart911 Safety Profile for your entire family will ensure that in the event of an emergency, critical data is at the ready for first responders.

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