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October 27, 2011

The Game Plan: Treat your Tots (and you) with Free Food

This week all things are pointed at Halloween and ours points to Thomas the Tank Engine!

The Game Plan this week is one of my favorite holidays - Halloween. Whether you celebrate it or not, it's a fun time to spend time together and do something as a family that's fun - period. For me this year, with two kids in tow, decorations didn't get up, but the fun was in full effect. So here's the lowdown on what you can do to celebrate the spookiest weekend of the year.

Free Food for Them: IHOP makes it easy to treat your kids this year with a free Scary Face pancake this year on Friday, from 7 am - 10 p.m., so this should be fun for my 3-year old. Or make use of their costume and claim their free meal at Sonny Bryan's, Oct. 29 - 31 when you purchase your meal (consider it a cheap date night!)

Free Food for Me: Of course, I'm eyeing some Pumpkin pancakes they have on the menu and with my free Rooty Tooty meal I got from IHOP Revolution this week for my birthday (yep, my birthday is this weekend too), I'm gonna cash in for a deliciously free meal. Actually if I add up all the free meals I have gotten with being on the mailing list/member programs for my favorite restaurants, it's pretty impressive. Thank you so far to Starbucks, Panera, IHOP, Taco Cabana, Dickey's, La Madeleine and Houlihan's for my treats, but there's many more where that came from.

Free for All: Rather than try to fill my kiddo up with candy and spend a whole night filling up on empty calories (afterall, mom has been at Fit30 Bootcamp for three weeks), we've set some limits this year on how much time we are willing to spend. So I asked my neighbors who wants to participate, made a map with Google Maps and have decided to spend one hour walking and one hour passing out. Not too bad and makes sure that my little ones still get to bed at a reasonable hour.

A little more Free Google Love: So trick or treating brings up one last thing: what to wear! My little one is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine, so our costume, our bag to store candy and our pumpkin were all Thomas. Courtesy of Google, I was able to find a Thomas stencil to carve the pumpkin and order his costume too. My little boy is so excited, I'm not sure he will ever take it off!

Hope these ideas help you get your Halloween weekend started right!

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