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October 11, 2011

Review: National Acrobats of China

The performers amaze and delight the audience.
What: On October 10th, The National Acrobats of the People's Republic of China performed a one-night show at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth.
Who: Two moms and two four-year-olds, on a weekday girls-night out.
Result: A marvelous example of what the human body is capable of, if given enough opportunity. All of us thrilled to the flexibility and strength of the performers. Whether it was the young girls' seemingly elastic limbs or the young men's extraordinary balance and strength, each act delivered on the promise of a "wow factor." The audience frequently and enthusiastically applauded, throughout the show, awarding every move and trick. Some of the more incredible positions and balancing abilities were so unbelievable that the little girls could hardly appreciate the difficulty. 
Favorites: We moms adored the airy flips and tumbling leaps of the act entitled "Arraying Through Hoops." A dozen young men fairly flew across the stage and soared through a staggering height of golden hoops. The little girls loved the "Joyful Songs and Plate Spinning." Here, each of the 16 performers deftly spun ten plates on tall poles as they cartwheeled and balanced their way through the act. In each sequence, the accompanying music was lovely, striking the right mood and supporting the audience's involvement.
Recommendation: Buy a ticket the next time this troupe comes through town!

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