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October 5, 2011

PR Works On Kids, Too!

School Fundraisers know their audience.


Ah, the Fall Fundraiser comes quickly, every year. Even early in our family's elementary school involvement, it is clear that we're destined for years of wrapping paper, cookie dough and greeting cards that we really don't need, or want.


Until this year....


My son came home and announced "We're having a Fun Run and I need pledges! Let's call somebody, right now! Let me find my script!"


Okay, at least I didn't have to choose the least ugly of the wrapping paper. 

Out came the script and the phone. Quickly, Grandma was in for a cool $2.00 per Fun Run Lap. As I read the information that night, I learned that he was to run as many as 35 laps around the Fun Run Track on Fun Run Day. Sounds healthy, sounds good. I glanced at the prizes that the kids could earn, as they accumulated pledge money, but I didn't give them much thought.

Day two, my little fundraiser comes home from school sporting a Fun Run Wristband and a Glow-In-The-Dark Water Bottle. There is great excitement.

"Mom! Look what the Fun Run Guys delivered to me today! It was for earning two dollars in pledges! If I get three more dollars in pledge money, I'll earn the Rocket Booster and the Beach Ball! Who can we call?"

A successful few phone calls to out-of-state relatives later, I heard "Mom! Okay, now let's log on to the website and key in my pledges! Then I can see my prizes!"

Sure enough, off we went, logged in the dollars and lit up the Rocket Booster and the Beach Ball. Both of these treasures arrived for him, in his classroom, the next afternoon and provided hours of entertainment at home. 

I asked him about his day at school and received play-by-play details of the Fun Run Guys' Cheer and Pep Rally, the current tally of pledges by classroom and school and the number of days until the run. Such detail is usually unheard of at our dinner table.

Other moms began talking of Fun Run brain-washing and cult-like pledge seeking at their houses. These kids were 100% on board with earning those individual prizes. I'm not so sure that any of them could easily name what school projects were going to be supported by this magic Fun Run, but the enthusiasm for the fundraising certainly worked. These fundraisers know their elementary-school-brained target audience!

The actual Fun Run was this morning. If my little athlete completed his 35 laps, he will have raised $245. Let's hope he is as committed to collecting the money as he was to earning that Rocket Booster!

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