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September 25, 2011

Afterthoughts after Baby #2

As my little girl celebrates her 1 month birthday, the newness is starting to wear off of being a mom now of 2. We're supposed to be working our way into a "normal" schedule, although somehow she has me feeling like a new mom all over again like I was with my son. It's a repeat of three years ago: again I feel like there's never going to be a way to clean the house, get dinner prepared, get everyone to their appointments and oh yeah, get any amount of work completed! And since I really hadn't got a social life back from my first child, I guess that's the only thing that is going to stay the same. However, somehow, I was able to edge a little time to get something written - but what? To be honest, I've thought about tons of things I wanted to share...but they've never gotten to the computer. And when I am in front of the screen, my brain is mush and is full of only the basics right now: every two hours there's a little person who needs to eat and will expect to have her diaper changed as soon as she wakes up from her multiple naps a day.

I had hoped something amazing would come to mind and would make it's way to my fingertips, but it didn't happen. I had hoped that I would have some great brainstorm and second-time motherly moment to share, but no such luck. I have made a little progress though during my "maternity leave." I've cleaned out drawers and realized I keep too much stuff. Also, I've made lots of lists with the intent to get things done...but not sure when those are going to get done either. I have worked my poor IPhone to the bone with our nightly eatings and daily naps by researching any thought that crossed my mind which has included anything from the best stroller for a mom with an infant and a three-year old to taking photos to keep family updated on my daughter's daily changes. But still nothing amazing has hatched.

So kids, I'm blank. I'm in one of those places where I just need to get things done and in between enjoy things like the coo of my youngest or laugh at my three-year old's newest joke. And that sometimes is all you need to do...just enjoy things for what they are. They may not be something worth sharing with others, but they are exactly what makes everything else worth it.

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