Tips on How to Create a Great School Morning Routine

Tiffany Fulcher

08/17/2011 9:38 PM

08/17/2011 9:38 PM

All across the nation children are returning to school. The summer has come to a close, seems like yesterday we were grilling hot dogs for the 4th of July and today its backpacks and lunchboxes.

Getting back into a regular routine can prove to be quite difficult particularly, those early hours before school.  Lost keys, missing shoes, or misplaced homework can wreck havoc on the morning routine and cause students to be late. 

Here are some tips on an effective morning routine that is short and simple.

1. Prepare for the week on Sunday- Wash, fold, iron, and sort all clothing for the week.  I like to hang my clothes in a hanging folder that is labeled with the days of the week.  Every item down to accessories, shoes, and socks are placed in the appropriate space for the day of the week.  I also include things like clothing for soccer practice or other evening activities.  Best part about this is, it forces children to be responsible for dressing themselves.

2. Make lunches the night before - This is key to the morning routine.  Now, I know no one wants a turkey sandwhich that has been in the fridge all night so save your items like these to be made fresh in the morning.  However, prepackaged, canned, or wrapped foods can be placed in the bag the night before.  Also always keep two dollars inside, in case you forget to make that sandwhich.

3. Place keys in the same place all the time- This is not just applicable to the school morning routine.  I can't tell you all the times I have spent 30 to 40 mins looking for my car keys moments before I am due to walk out the door.  It can prove to be a very  frustrating experience.  A great tool is to keep keys hung by a door at all times. This way when you come in our go out you can easily pick up or replace your keys without even thinking about it.

4. Keep a packed bag in the car - This one is more so for a mom like myself who has younger siblings that are apart of the drop off routine.  If you have infants or toddlers keep a small packed bag with snacks, toys, diapers, wipes, and infant formula inside.  This way you never walk out the house without the things you need.

5. Plan for the week ahead - If you know that the night Wednesday nights are soccer practice or church be sure to prep on Tuesday for Thursday morning.  This means check calendars, webpages, and teacher notes for important events.  There nothing worse than waking up and realizing this is picture day or the last day to pay for the class field trip.  At the top of the week check all of your sources and plan your week accordingly. This way you are not running to the ATM on the way to school or trying to find that special bow that goes with the picture taking dress.

6. Get to bed on time- This one goes without saying, but many times 30 mins to an hour for a child can seem like a lifetime.  If children don't receive enough sleep at night they will be tired and cranky in the morning which will place undue burden on your routine.  This first week will be the most difficult but after a couple of full days at school most kids will willingly go to sleep at night.

Those are just a few tips and dips to get your school year started off right. I hope that everyone is able to take advantage of the aforementioned information and use to make an impact on their morning routine.  Make it a great MOMMY day and follow me on twitter @tiffulcher, or visit my website at


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