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August 10, 2011

Which Stage is Your Favorite?

Are you a new-baby lover or and older-baby fan?


I just love newborn babies.....that AREN'T MINE!

I've been surrounded by these precious little ones, this summer. Several friends, a fellow-Book-Clubber and my sister have all celebrated a new baby. Sweet, tiny, new human beings that are the immediate recipients of oohs and aahs and kisses. Each one is beautiful and handsome and a miracle.

I have loved cuddling each one.

I have then loved handing each one back to mama and walking out the door!

Without a doubt, I am a mom who enjoys the older baby and children stages MUCH more than the newborn ones. I've long said that if I could give birth to 18-month-olds, I'd have a dozen children. Newborn stage is scary to me. Why is he crying? Is she hungry? Does his stomach hurt? When was the last dirty diaper? What time is it? Has it been 2.5 hours since the last feeding? Should I wake him up to feed him? Why won't she ever sleep in her crib? Is his skin supposed to look like that? Will I ever get out of the house in grown-up clothes again? When did I last take a shower?

You know, all of that fun stuff.

When friends and family have new babies, I can enjoy the fragility of a new little life, without worrying about the other details. I can bounce and pat and sing to the baby and then go home and get a full night's sleep! I can offer advice, if I'm asked, but not be the ultimate decision maker about schedules and timing and sleep patterns.

Truly, I am thrilled for all of these new moms. They have such joy ahead of much happiness. I am, however, equally joyful to return to my four and seven-year-old kiddos. They can tell me when they're hungry or if something hurts. They love to read and play and run. We can go swimming and to the park and to the museums, without strollers and gigantic diaper bags and extra clothes and snacks.

These new babies will be running though the museums, before their new moms know it. Then the real fun starts!

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