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August 4, 2011

Beat the heat

I admit that I was skeptical at first. $10 for a mist you spray on your face? Wouldn't a splash of plain ol' tap water work just as well?

Now I think it's the best $10 I've spent all summer. Evian Mineral Water Spray is the perfect remedy when you've had oh, say 34 consecutive days of triple-digit temps. And yes, it's just mineral water in a bottle propelled by nitrogen. But it's pure genius.

You can use it to cool off, get rid of chlorine or soothe a sunburn. It leaves a subtle sheen that doesn't turn you from a hot mess into a wet mess. It's also excellent at setting makeup. Sephora sells it online (it's not available in stores). Keep it in the freezer or on ice for optimal refreshment.



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