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July 27, 2011

Unexpected Entertainment


My kids have hit a summer "wall." It's too hot, most of the summer camps are over. Our family vacation is complete and the swimming pool birthday parties have lost their novelty. Familiar board games and puzzles hold little interest. The two of them wander around the house, aimlesly searching for something to do or asking for something to eat. All of my bright ideas are landing on deaf ears. It was looking like a long week ahead of us, until...

...The Fence Guys showed up!

Who knew that the take down and installation of a new backyard fence could offer hours of entertainment? Both kids watched, with rapt attention, as the crew began the tear out of the vines, which were the only things holding up the old fence.

"Wow, can I have an electric weed-wacker like that one?"

"Where will they put all of that stuff?"

"I wonder how much all of those vines would weigh, on a scale?"

"Are those guys really hot out there?"

And so the questions and conversation continued. Before long, they had their chairs pulled up against the glass back doors, ready to see what would happen, next. Snacks were provided for this little audience, as the chain saws came out and the rotten wood came down. Laughter was heard as two of the friendliest crew members spotted their fans and rewarded them with smiles and waves.

"Ah! They can see us!"

"Do you think they need our help?"

"Would they let me have a turn with that saw?"

"Oh, wait, what are they doing now?"

And so the laundry got done, the kitchen got cleaned and I actually read the newspaper in daylight hours. When I asked whether they might like to bring the guys some cold drinks, they responded with enthusiasm levels that I hadn't seen since the ice cream truck last passed through the neighborhood. Refreshments were delivered and observation seats reclaimed, as the afternoon continued.

"How many boards do you think it will take to go around the whole yard?"

"I want to try that welder."

"How can that guy stay up on the top of that board so long?"

When the work was complete, for the first day, it was time for baths and bed. The last words, between the two of them, were "Okay, let's leave our chairs here and do this again tomorrow!"

Fantastic! What can I plan to get done while they are entranced?!


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