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June 30, 2011

NKOTB may not be new anymore, but they still make me feel like a kid

Recent New Kids on the Block concert brings out the kid in me - especially right before I give birth to mine.

This past Sunday I put on my jeans and my cute maternity top (yes, all of seventh months pregnant), got in the car and headed to the AAC in Dallas with two of my best girlfriends to see my ‘boys. This time I didn’t mean my great husband and beautiful son, but to see my favorite band, The New Kids on the Block, who were performing in concert with another boy band, Backstreet Boys.

I will admit, this is not my first time to see them in concert recently. Actually I saw them two years ago although one of my dates had her baby that night, so she didn’t get to see Donnie Wahlberg that night (although I did tell him she sent her loveƒº). Also three years ago to see Jordan Knight play at the House of Blues, which I got to see him up close and personal and if I had chosen, to be formally introduced. Except when given the opportunity, I just couldn’t talk to him. It just seemed like a Quantum Leap kind of moment it would change the universe if I didn’t like what he said, so I settled for a handshake and a photo…but again, I digress!

As you can see I still love NKOTB. But the question is, why? I don’t obsessively follow Debbie Gibson or Tiffany or any of the other bands that I had t-shirts and tapes of when I was a little girl. But something about the NKOTB still gets me excited like when a song would come on the radio (remember, before Ipods) or they would do an interview on TV (remember, when there wasn’t always an Internet so you could stay posted 24/7?) I will admit also I have a box with some posters, shirts and pins in my closet. I had lots more, but along my 20+ years I’ve been following Jordan and the gang, the other stuff got lost or destroyed. It makes me sad, but I still remember collecting those posters and putting them all over the wall and sporting my newest gigantic pins when I’d saved up enough allowance to go to Spencer’s or Gadzooks. (Do those store names conjure up any memories for you as well?)

So it shouldn’t have been a surprise that when only 2-3 seconds of the first number opened up, I knew the song like it was yesterday. And like a total dork, I jumped and screamed and covered my face in disbelief as the NKOTB came across the stage in all their glory. And looking out into the crowd you saw the same thing happening with a packed house of 25-40 year old women having the same moment I was: Amongst the pregnant bellies, wedding rings and grown-up stresses we now had, we were all, for 2 hours, back in 1989. When the boys got a one knee to sing, we all wished it was to us. When one of them grabbed their crotch, we all screamed (I’m not sure why, but we did and it happened A LOT!) The best part was when they acknowledged they were having the same moment – at least although things had changed in 20 years, they were having a ball (and if you are a fan you know that they are having a ball all the way to the bank!) And they made sure that no one left the arena feeling like they had wasted their money or their time - especially since we had already waited 20 years to have that moment.

So do you have a song or a band that once it starts, transports you back to your childhood? Share it with me – you never know that your song might take me back to 1993.

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