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June 22, 2011

What's for Dinner?

Summer schedules do not lend themselves to mother-of-the-year dining.


Last night, my family sat down to eat dinner together. We had pork chops, cheesy-potatoes and fruit salad. Quotes heard around the table:

"Oh my gosh, can I please have some more?"

"This is my new favorite thing to eat in the whole world."

"Have we ever had this before? I think it is the best thing to eat, ever."

No, this is not an indication of my incredible culinary skills. I broiled the pork chops and made the potatoes out of a box. We have, in fact, had both on many earlier occasions, without the gushing repsonses from my children.

It is, however, an indication of our dining fare over the past month. School finished, baseball and summer activities started and all normal mealtimes went out the window. Look in on us on any day in June, and you would find my children eating peanut butter crackers in the car on the way to the ballfield. We might be racing to Vacation Bible School, chicken nuggets in hand. Last week, my daughter actually had ice cream and corn chips for dinner, compliments of the snack bar. I think that my son might actually turn into a serving of macaroni and cheese.

I do my best to force down some fruit and yogurt whenever possible. This is usually after baths and jammies at about 9:30 pm, when I take inventory of the food ingested for the day. Yikes.

The kids, generally, think this is all big fun. Fun food, dunked in ketchup and polished off with something cold and sweet and sticky. What could be better?

Well, apparently, even little taste buds unknowingly crave "real food," eaten at a table with their family. Otherwise, how could you explain the near standing ovation that my porkchops received? There is something yummy about a homemade meal. While we're living through the craziness of our summer menu, I'll make big plans for more "real" soon as I have time for the grocery store.


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