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June 22, 2011

Tips on Taking Tots to Weddings

Summer is the most wedded time of the year.  More couples tie the knot during the summer months than any of the other months combined.  If you are a friend, relative, or co-worker you are very likely to be invited to a wedding or two.  Even more than the invite is what to do with the little ones who may or may not tag along for the big day!

Here are some tips on taking tots to see others tie the knot.

1. Know the occasion - By this I mean formality versus casual events will be a huge deciding factor on what to do with kids. As a general rule formal events tend to rule out kiddos unless it is a close relative or children are apart of the ceremonies.  If this is not the case call your sitter and consider this a date night.

2.  Be prepared - Be sure to discuss the ceremony in detail with children who are old enough to understand.  This will help them to be quiet when necessary and celebratory when necessary.  Also have plenty of snacks, juices, and small quiet toys on hand as a distraction in the event the ceremony goes long.  If you have an infant check the ceremony times and coordinate them with your child's nap schedule.  You may want to leave infants at home if the times are not accommodating.  Quieting a restless infant can be a very difficult task.

3. Dress appropriately - Let me clarify this one, of course you are going to be dressed according the the needs of the occasion but be sure kiddos have on breathable comfortable fabrics.  This is particularly important if the wedding or reception takes place outside.  You don't want the kids to be hot or annoyed with their clothing which can lead to fussiness.

4. Be sure to order ahead- Weddings can be expensive and as a guest you should be respectful of such expenses. If you have been asked to RSVP for a sit down dinner be sure to order something your children will eat.  If the options are limited, feed them before you leave and excuse their plate at dinner.  Nothing is worst than wasted expensive food.

Allow them to have fun - Once the ceremony is complete and the reception has begun let the kids get loose.  Take them on the dance floor, let them eat tons of cake, and all the reception food they  want.  No glasses of wine of course but sparkling apple cider during a toast won't hurt.  In essence it is a celebration and you want them to be sure to have a good time!

There you have it, for more tips and dips don't forget to visit me at

Make it a great Mommy day!

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