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June 11, 2011

Cake Wars brings hope to the table for DFW

Recently I had the sincere pleasure to put my cake decorating skills to work in the name of charity. Kroger launched its annual “Bringing Hope to the Table” campaign and to start things off they invited some names you might know to have us put a little fun on this great effort for the fifth annual “Bringing Hope to the Table” Cake-Off.

I, along with the following ladies, all competed to be named the “Ace of Cakes” by illustrating family, hope and nutrition on a cake. We were paired with a Kroger cake decorator to assist us in our 30 minute competition.

The seven amateur pastry artists including myself were:

Teresa Frosini, reporter – CBS 11
Robbie Owens, reporter – CBS 11
Rebecca Miller, meteorologist – CW 33
Jana Martin, reporter –

Courtney Solstad, blogger –
Laura Thornquist, blogger –

Ms. Becky Miller (yep that fabulous weather wonder woman at CW33) was this year’s winner, but I still have my title from last year to be proud of. As you can see it isn’t our skill that makes us winners but conceptual idea. And after we were done, we were able to take our cakes home with us, yet I opted to donate it to a nearby childcare facility as a special treat!

That was part of my effort to provide a little awareness to childhood hunger in DFW, but there’s more to do and you can help, too. See this list for more ways you help to “Bring Hope to the Table.”

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