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June 8, 2011

10 Men, A Net, and a Ball..Life lessons through the NBA finals

As a family we have watched the NBA finals on the edge of our seats.  Waiting, hoping, and praying for a win for our beloved Dallas Mavericks.  We are so proud of our team who has pulled through at the last minute for a win over and over again. They as a team have taught us that no matter how far behind you are you can always come back for a victory. Now, I don't profess to be an ESPN sports analyst but I can certainly speak of the magic both teams have and how that magic has impressed life lessons on the heart of my kids. 

Here are 5 things the NBA finals have taught my kids!

1. Perseverance - Whether its DWade or Dirk Nowitski these guys will not quit.  They persevere night after night.  Playing injured, sick, and frustrated. No matter the critics or commentators they play hard and play with their hearts. They live true to the motto you don't fail until you quit.

2. Down does not mean Out - This one is big! We have seen the Dallas Mavericks time and time again come back from 15 point leads to win a game.  This tells my kids that no matter how low you go you can always come back to triumph in life.  The last shall be first...that's Bible!!!!

3.Superstar status...Unnecessary -Everyone has lamented on and on about the superstar status of the Miami Heat, with larger than life players like LeBron Jame and Dwayne Wade most people are asking themselves how Dallas even got here.  That in itself however is a lesson, there is no need to be a superstar to be a hero.  Even if you are not the most popular kid in school you still have a place right there next to the big boys! You are a winner in your own right!

4. Winning isn't Everything- I know what you are thinking...are you serious lady...but first let me explain.  In Game 3 when the Mavs lost by two points everyone would agree that they could have played better but they would also agree that they played hard.  And there is our lesson, if you give it all you've got  and you still lose guess what you are still a victor! Its not about win or lose its how you play the game.

5. It may not be fair but you still have to play the game - I maybe biased BUT there seems to be some serious differences in the referee calls.  Superstars seem to reign supreme when it comes to fouls and everybody else... well.  I should probably leave that to the analysts, but as a mom that says life may not always be fair.  There will be calls made that you don't like and things done that are beyond your control but if you keep pushing pass all of that you can be a success.  You can win and win and win again despite setbacks, disappointments, and obstacles put in your way!

That's a wrap fans.  The finals of course are not over but we are tied 2-2 which makes for a very interesting game 5.  Even if it all ends at game six and there is no more playing time on either side my children have learned valuable life lessons from 10 men, and ball, and a net. LETS GO MAVS!!!!

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