Summer Learning...There's an App for That!

Tiffany Fulcher

05/25/2011 10:47 AM

05/26/2011 3:49 PM

Although most students are eagerly anticipating the close of the school year, summer months can have a detrimental effect on students academic progress.  Its called the "summer slide" where skills gained during the school year melt away with the heat.  "Summer learning loss" oftentimes turn into repetitive teaching practices for educators who are forced to spend a good portion of the beginning of the school year playing catch up rather than moving on to new concepts. 

Although learning loss takes place with all subjects math and literacy seem to be the two areas that cause the most concern.  These two core subjects are the circumference of learning and any loss in these subjects small or otherwise can cause great concern for teachers.  Without regular practice these skills can diminish greatly over the summer months.  

While some schools have attempted to assist students in keeping with their literacy gains during the school year by providing summer reading lists, math still proposes a large concern for summer learning loss. 

Summer camps are great options for preventing summer slide, however if you are looking for a more financially friendly option, here are some great online learning sites that will help kids in math and reading during those summer months. 


TenMarks- This site has a customizable summer program just for your child.  Cost is $39.00 and includes unlimited use for the entire summer.

Math Goodies - Offers Interactive worksheets, and homework help - games, puzzles, and problem solving for decimals, fractions, square root and more.

Math drills - A cool itunes app that allows up to 10 students to work on basic math skills.

Motion Math- App available for ipad and iphone. Number sense, fractions, and decimals.


Storybuilder- App that allows children to build their own stories with their own voice.

Learn21- A free comprehensive learning environment where students can engage in game and   stories through 12 grade.

Starfall- Comprehensive reading games for beginning readers.

Libraries- A great resource of e books and online learning, libraries have been updated for the 21sr century child.  Borrow books right to your ipad, iphone or other tablets for use without every having to leave your home!

Those are just a few great apps and online learning games that kids can take advantage of this summer! If you are a parent ultimately your child's education is in your hands.  Make the best of it!

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