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05/19/2011 5:24 PM

05/19/2011 5:29 PM

I can't resist the siren song of the drugstore beauty bargain, as I stroll through the aisles scooping up inexpensive finds. Sadly, I'm often disappointed and find that many times you get what you pay for. But not with the fabulous new line from eos.

Yes, they're trying to be cute and shun capitalization ala e.e. cummings. However, since the name is an acronym I can forgive them. eos stands for "evolution of smooth", as in the products promise to smooth and soothe your skin.

I love this line because it's organic and paraben free and bonus - made in the U.S. Ingredients include things you can actually pronounce, such as vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil.

Nothing in this line is over $10, and most products are under $5. Standouts include:

- Lip balm. Housed in the most unusual packaging, the lip balm is a little round ball that you run over your lips. It's weird in a fun way. The 2-pack of limited edition flavors is my personal fave: passion fruit and strawberry sorbet.

- Hand lotion. Again, I must comment on the packaging. The small oval-shaped bottle is perfectly sized to fit in your purse. It leaves my hands lightly moisturized but not greasy. I prefer the soft everyday scent, but there's also a cucumber scent available.

- Shave cream. This may be the best shave cream I've ever used. It doesn't foam, but it's so rich and creamy that you can even shave without water. Pomegranate raspberry, a light fruity scent, is currently sitting in my shower, and there are several more scents available.

I've also got to give props to eos for a great website. Search your city and you'll find a list of stores that show exactly what products are available where. Find what you're looking for at www.evolutionofsmooth.com.

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