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May 11, 2011

Missed Opportunities


Without my kids.....

I'd not have the opportunity to change a wiggly four-year-old from a wet swimming suit into a puffy dance recital costume in the parking lot of the recital auditorium, in less than three minutes.

I'd never be able to say that I read the same book 397 times.

I'd think that the only point of a beach vacation was to sit and read.

I'd never come to work with pancake syrup on my dress and strawberry jelly in my hair, due to the hugs goodbye.

I'd not have the chance to play soccer goalie.

I'd miss the joy of 14 different colored barrettes in my hair.

I'd think it was easy to watch a Kindergartener try out for a baseball team.

I'd not believe that I would ask if a favorite baby doll was well enough to come to the grocery store with us.

I'd still shake my head when a mom lamented the fact that she could only get two consecutive errands complete, at a time, and wonder what she was doing wrong.

I'd assume that I could never function on less than eight hours of sleep every night.

I'd have seen all of the current movies and eaten at all of the new restaurants that I read about in the newspaper.

I'd be an expert on Grey's Antatomy and not Olivia the Pig.

I'd never think I was missing anything because I'd never realize the enormity of the love I have for my children. Thank you, world, for Mother's Day, not because I deserve the kudos but because I need the reminder of the honor.



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