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April 28, 2011

Fairytales Do Come True- A Royal Wedding

The entire country is waiting for the magical day, the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  There seems to be an undeniable obsession surrounding the nuptials of these two lovers.

The media craze has created a completed frenzy, no matter where you go someone somewhere is talking about this wedding.  From the guest list to the gown everyone wants to know what will happen on the royal day that the Prince and newly beloved princess tie the knot.

There is much to discuss with relation to these nuptials. Kate Middleton is the first commoner to marry a prince in over 350 years. She holds not title of her own which makes this story a real life fairytale.  Kate has also been a longtime girlfriend of the prince, even surviving a very public breakup which ultimately lead to the demise of nuptials in the minds of everyone who watched.  However, as fairytale goes these two reunited and will live happily ever after.

I am sure to watch the royal wedding, there are varied reports that the two will honor the former Princess Diana, mother of Prince William.  The vastness of royal family and the unequivocal manner in which they esteem tradition and history will certainly make the wedding a must see. 

With hearts and minds of anticipation, waiting, watching and wondering the grandest day in the world the marriage of royalty. A real life fairytale.

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