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April 20, 2011

In a Perfect Moment...

An illustration combines a Kindergarten boy's many worlds.


Sometimes, mulitple worlds collide. This happens to adults, often. A perfect storm of friends, family, an occasion, the weather and pure coincidence result in a single moment of perfection.

What I realized, this week, is that this can also happen to a Kindergartener. The scale might be smaller, but the result is just as singularly perfect.

First, the background facts:

1. My husbad is an Elvis fan. My son is, therefore, aware of who Elvis is and how much fun it is to dance to "All Shook Up."

2. In Kindergarten Art, my son has been studying different artists, each month. Without question, Andy Warhol has been the favorite. Soup Cans and Marilyn Monroe pieces, not withstanding, there is also a famous Warhol Elvis.

3. One of my son's favorite people in the whole world, is his Uncle. This Uncle is a big kid, himself, and never tires of playing catch, playing goalie or playing anything.

4. My son loves LSU, Princeton, Memphis, Missouri....any collegiate school with a Tiger for a mascot.

5. Sunday School, for my son, often invloves drawing pictures of Bible Stories or Bible Characters, in unusual situations, in order to better understand the uniqueness of their behavior.

So, this moment of "worlds colliding" happened after Sunday School.

My son handed an illustration to me, from that day's class. He said "Mom, this is heaven. We talked, today, about what a happy place it is."

I looked closely and saw a tiger striped cross, a figure with large hair, my son, holding hands with a figure wearing glasses and a generic figure, wielding a paintbrush.

Hmmm. I said "Tell me about this picture. Who are these people?"

The reply?

"Mom, heaven will be where Uncle Carson (who wears glasses) and I will take Elvis to meet Andy Warhol and paint the cross with Tiger Stripes while we all dance. "

Now, if that isn't heaven, for a six-year-old boy, I don't know what is.




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