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March 30, 2011

Dad Learns About Dancing

In our family, we have a both a boy and a girl. Because the boy was born first, and because I grew up with a sister, I had a lot to learn about "boy stuff." Meanwhile, my husband enjoyed reliving the familiar trappings of his own childhood and laughed at my ignorance about sports equipment and race car trivia.

When Little League came around, Dad got a kick out of Mom's cluelessness when I came home from the store, without a batting glove. He smiled when I asked about the difference between baseball cleats and football cleats. He wisely advised me about soccer ball size and matchbox car collecting. Having been the youngest of three brothers, he was amused at my uneducated navigation of this new world. I don't think he could imagine NOT knowing about such subjects.

Now that our daughter is blossoming into a dancer and a "princess-devotee", payback has arrived.

Imagine my own amusement when I asked him if he could pick up her leotard and tights at the dance shop! He looked at me, as if I was speaking in Russian. He called, from the store and said "Now, I know how you felt when you were standing in front of the baseball equipment. I'm sorry for laughing." He actually asked me for a lesson on how to tell the difference between Snow White and Cinderella. When I told him that our little girl's tap shoes had arrived and asked him to please help her take out the ribbons and put in the elastic strap, there was genuine fear in his eyes.

At which point, I smiled and reminded him of my own questions about how to get the baseball belt through the pant loops. Realization spread over his face.

Though there is humor in this situation and though my husband and I do give each other a hard time, we both know the joy that comes from it. We like being the mom who knows how to lace up those cleats and being the dad who knows how to tie up the ponytail, just right.

Who knows what we'll learn, next.

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