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March 23, 2011

Why is this so HARD?

Simple things are difficult in mom-land.

Every once in awhile, I hit a mom-phase where things that should be easy, are hard. Sometimes, I really wonder whether I'm doing a good job of being a mom, at all.

I know, every mom thinks this. Yes, mom-guilt is an acknowledged phenomenon. The one thing all moms seem to have in common if the feeling that we should be somewhere that we're not. We focus on the game we missed, rather than the ten that we saw. We obsess about the day we forgot to send lunch money rather than the hundreds of other days that we remembered.

But, I'm not talking about this "big picture" kind of mom stuff.

I'm really wondering about my day-to-day abilities.

Right now, every morning and every night is a battle. Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast seems like a simple enough request. Get in the bath tub, get out, get in your pajamas: equally uncomplicated.

And yet.

Not so much.

I end up yelling. My kids end up in trouble. Consequences are losing their meaning, because there are only so many time-outs or you'll-have-to-earn-your-toy-backs that we can handle in the course of a hurried morning or night.

The mere fact that something as ordinary as getting up or going to bed causes me such stress leads me to wonder about myself. If I can't get this to happen smoothly, how will I ever handle the bigger stuff with any kind of grace? I am, generally, a competent person.

Why is this SO HARD??!!

And then, a very wise, and more experienced mom reminds me: "This, too, shall pass."

Maybe not soon enough for my sanity, but, eventually.


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