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March 16, 2011


One family's annual basketball tradition...


We have NCAA Bracket-Mania at our house!

Sure, there are numerous "real" basketball tournament contests to enter. Of course, there are hundreds of dollars to be won. Yes, office productivity will come to a screeching halt this Thursday and Friday as employees sneak off to hover over their computers, televisions and even their phone screens, to check on their game picks and boast about their correctly chosen upset games.

But, at our house, we've got real excitement. Brackets have been printed out and carefully analyzed... analyzed, that is, from a four and six-year-old perspective.

"Which mascot is more fierce? I want to pick that one."

"I like the color blue, better than red. I'll take Kansas."

"I've been to Philadelphia. I'll pick Temple; that school is there. Plus, I like Owls."

"I'm picking whatever team she is NOT picking!"

"Cincinnati is too many letters to fit on the line. I'll pick the other team."

"I like abbreviations. Put me down for all of the schools that have those."

"TCU is the best purple team. I'm not picking any other teams that are purple."

"All teams with the Tiger mascot are my picks."

And so it goes. The brackets have been completed and we anxiously await the winner, from our four-person family pool. We did this the same way, last year. Although the winner came in with a resoundingly terrible 11 points, he WAS the winner... age 5 and the proud owner of a giant Hershey Bar and a nerf mini-basketball.

His strategy is a good as any, I'd say!


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