A grandmother? At my age?

03/09/2011 10:21 PM

03/09/2011 10:21 PM

Several of the mommy blogs I read made mention of a story that really hit home for me this week. According to The Sun (if you believe them), a woman from Romania, at the age of 23, became the world’s youngest grandmother. Her 11-year-old daughter gave birth to her grandson.

Now, don’t worry. It didn’t hit home for the reasons you might be thinking. This is why: Last week I was strolling through a department store holding my 17-month-old daughter’s hand. A very kind employee, or so I thought, started telling my daughter how cute she is, etc. You know, all the usual things you hear when walking around with a totally adorable baby. (Those are my words.) But then she dropped this bombshell: “Your daughter or grand-daughter?”

Say what!?

I thought to myself, “she can’t be serious, can she?” Sure, I have a few gray hairs. But they’re completely hidden by my hair dye. I’m sure the circles under my eyes are a little darker since having a kiddo. But do I REALLY look like I could be a grandmother?

Not to mention my daughter’s ACTUAL grandmother was walking three feet ahead of us. Context clues people.

I don’t really want to state my age here. But I’ll just say, several years ago I was still in my 20s.

I do realize that there are many people who are grandmothers at my age. But it made me a little sad to think that it might be so ordinary that I could be mistaken for a grandmother. But maybe I just have to admit that I’m looking a little older these days. That’s not something I’m quite ready to do. I guess I should have taken the hint and bought that sweater that I thought was better for my mom, not me.  

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