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March 9, 2011

Justin Beiber's Never Say Never Movie Review

We all know and love the hearthrob that is Justin Beiber, or JB as the ladies like to call him.  He is the cute long haired dancing youtube sensation turned superstar performer. 

Justin recently released his first movie, a documentary of sorts about his life up to this point culminated with the backdrop of his current music career.  I must admit that I am a fan of the Beib’s as is my daughter (and every other girl in the world ages 5 and up) and my son. My interest was peaked at the thought of seeing a movie about the sixteen year old kid with the cult like following that would put the vampires from Twilight to shame. 

Although I wanted to check it out I began to think what really could the movie be about. I mean the Beibs just got on the scene, he’s only 16 and he’s only released two records.  Not exactly documentary material.  Not to mention he isn’t endorsed by Disney or Nickeleodeon the doms of all things preteen.  This is going to be short and to the point at best and probably a waste of time aside from the nap I will get since the other two kids will be engrossed in the movie and the baby will be sleep.

WRONG!!!! The movie was phenomenal, inspiring, and encouraging.  I cried, laughed, cried some more, danced, sang and even thought I would scream (I just wanted to have a preteen girl moment).  I was so moved by the story of this young man who made it to the top through good old hard work, preserverance, and talent.  He single handedly worked his way into the hearts of kids all over the world with a guitar and vocal chords that will make you forget he is only 16.  Did I mention his grandmother told him he needed to clean his room! This kids got heart  and he is being kept grounded, now this is a winner! 

To every mom out there wondering if you should take the girls out to see the movie I would say YES!!!!  I mean you can scream too moms, there are features by Usher, Boyz to Men, Ludacris, and the list goes on so just in case you get a little tired of the cute faced candy loving Beiber there is a little eye candy for you too!   Baby, Baby Baby OOOOOH it was so good!

Make it a great Mommy Day!

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