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February 23, 2011

5 Tips for Weathering Layoffs

As we have all read in the news many teachers in the state of Texas will be laid off this school year due to budget shortfalls.  These layoffs come at no better time as many Americans around the state and nation have found themselves in this position.  These are tough times that we are facing and for moms like myself and others layoffs can be detrimental to our family lives. There are however ways to weather this storm with little to no detriment to your family and finances.  Here are 5 ways to weather a layoff.

1. Let go of the luxuries- Depending upon your time frame this maybe immediate or done over time.  I think its important also to decide what a luxury is, cable tv maybe a luxury for some families while family trips and shopping maybe a luxury for others.  Figure out what you can do with it and begin cutting back to add increase to your bottom line.

2. Create a short and long term budget- Based on severance packages, 401k, and paychecks find a way to budget the finances that you have coming in.  If you receive a lump sum of money you don't want to run through it without considering a long term financial plan.

3. Make everyone aware of your situation- Provided the children are old enough to understand they need to be informed as well.  They need to understand that as a family we will be making some changes and those changes maybe long standing and immediate. This conversation is particularly important to have with older children who are facing decisions as it relates to college etc.

4. Search for a variety of ways to bring in resources- Your skill sets are always useful in some way or another.  Find ways to create income using those skills.  If you are a teacher you may tutor students in your neighborhood, or offer childcare services for parents.  Whatever your skill put them on display and use them to garner resources until you find another job. 

5. Remain calm, cool, and collected.- Know that this too shall pass.  By taking steps to weather this difficult time you will find that you will be back and work in no time.  Remaining calm will help you to think clearly and know which steps to take to be more effective through this trying time in your family.  If you or a spouse is laid off and is the primary breadwinner, be sure to offer adequate amounts of support and encouragement to keep everyone's spirits lifted up.

Hopefully, none of our readers will have to face such a difficult situation.  If you do however, its best to be armed with information on how to get through this time with the least amount of strain.

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