Baby It's Cold Outside

Tiffany Fulcher

02/02/2011 11:26 AM

02/02/2011 11:26 AM

Much like every other mother in North Texas I am at home with my children for day 2 of our winter weather storm.  It's been fun to say the least, I have managed to play every game on the Wii, clean the kids rooms, make breakfast, lunch, and dinner and that was all yesterday before noon.

I am not complaining at all, I am thankful for a day or two of what could be considered rest.  The rest today however has been accompanied by power outages and frozen pipes. Ahh the wonderful wet and cold days of winter. 

There's really not much to say, I have come to take these things in stride.  We are not in control of these types of situations anyway.  There is really nothing that we can do. So I have decided that instead of fighting the situation, I will embrace it. 

I will watch movies with my kids, I will play all of the games they want to play, I will not make them clean their rooms and I won't clean the house, (ok, not like I usually clean) I will cook three times a day AND I will let them eat snacks all day long, followed by late nights with popcorn and hot cocoa.

There I said it. I am going to be a totally fun, loving, strategically irresponsible parent for the next 24-48 hours and I am going to love every minute of it!

Enjoy this time with your kiddos and if you can get a nap in there sleep like you will never sleep again.  I really must stay but I gotta run....Baby it's cold outside!

Make it a Great Mommy Day!

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