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December 22, 2010

Two Lists

With competing to do lists, it's a toss-up as to what will get done.



Things I Should Be Doing:
Baking cookies
Wrapping presents
Planning Christmas Eve dinner menu
Grocery Shopping

Things I Want To Be Doing:
Having a three-hour lunch with my friends
Getting a Christmas pedicure
Taking a nap
Seeing one of the many movies I'm dying to see

The discrepencies in these two lists has meant that I'm not getting anything, from either list, accomplished.

I've thought about ways to combine them.

Perhaps I could plan my dinner menu while I'm getting a pedicure? Maybe I could ask my friends, over lunch, where their favorite places are to buy "homemade" cookies. Unfortunately, there's no way to combine that nap with anything. (And that nap, by the way, is looking more and more desirable...)

I have three days left to priortize and take action on my lists. Which items will win out?

Merry Christmas!

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