The winner of the Laundry-off is...

02/12/2010 3:09 PM

12/10/2010 11:23 AM

The showdown is over – so who won the best new laundry detergent?

A week ago I challenged HeyLaura to a Laundry Off. Her new Method Pump to my Purex 3-in-1. Two new concepts all developed to help busy moms make laundry easier and quicker.

The only stipulations of the challenge were a white shirt, ¼ cup of ketchup rubbed in and set for 24 hours, our preferred laundry selection) and a lone load of laundry.

To record my challenge, I have vlogged it here as I began the challenge. To tell you the truth, as I hit the laundry button I wondered if I was confident I had chosen the stronger opponent. But considering I had been doing my own laundry for weeks with the Purex, I decided to trust my instinct and let fate decide.

When I opened the lid I was excited to see that the red blog of ketchup was no longer there – well almost. Just as HeyLaura had indicated in her wash cycle, there was a slight stain where the large amount of ketchup had set (you might be able to see that as well in the photo where there is a slight yellow stain), but for the amount of trauma I gave to that shirt – it wasn’t bad since I hadn’t applied any stain treatment before the wash.

So what’s the verdict?

blog post photo

I think we might have a tie. I will continue to purchase my Purex as it is as simple as one little sheet takes care of everything. However, I won’t mind admitting that I may consider checking out Method’s pump. My quest to find the easiest and quickest way to do laundry is never over. Now I must find a new and better way to do the dishes!

Actually if you have a challenge, send it over! I would love to continue to put all those products to the test and see if it’s all marketing or the consumer companies are making things easier for us moms.

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