Dallas Mavericks joining computer games world in Minecraft

The Dallas Mavericks are joining the world of computer games.

The Mavericks and Mineplex, LLC, have signed an exclusive partnership to create a “Dallas Mavericks World,” complete with a scale model of American Airlines Center, on the Mineplex server.

The project is scheduled to be launched this summer.

The Mavericks will be the first NBA team to partner with Mineplex, one of the largest Minecraft servers in the world, which hosts millions of unique users every month.

Minecraft is a single-player and online multi-player video game that is based around creativity. Unlike other video games, there is no “Story Mode,” structure, or end goal. Instead, players are dropped into a randomly generated “map” consisting of water, land, and animals. From there, players can “mine” for different elements and use those elements to build things.

The online multi-player features are enabled by Minecraft servers such as Mineplex. Players can log on to these servers at the same time as thousands of other players. Once in the server, they can interact with other players to build together or compete in mini-games.

Within the “Dallas Mavericks World,” players will be able to compete in fun free-building competitions and play a basketball mini-game on the court of the virtual American Airlines Center.

All content will be free and anyone can tour the stadium and try out the activities.

For more information on the launch, visit Mavs.com/mavsworld and mineplex.com.

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