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Two Texas youths return from a faith journey to Israel

Israel Trip 003

Rodger Mallison / Star-Telegram

Two Fort Worth youths recently returned from Israel, where they had a front-row seat to history.

Women’s health program rule changes go into effect Friday

Fort Worth is home to one of the specialty pharmacies where long-acting reversible contraception products will be available to physicians.

Texas officials propose program to test self-driving cars, jet packs — even hover cars

For a state that prides itself in fiscal frugality, Texas is always finding new ways to spend money, this time testing innovative emerging transportation technologies at state universities.

Tarrant County donations flow to governor’s race

State Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, picked up more local donations than Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Israel Lone Soldier: ‘Life shouldn’t be a spectator sport.’

More than 2,500 Lone Soldiers serve in the Israel Defense Force. About one-third are from the United States; ten are from Texas.