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Bad Automotive Ideas

|Friday, Jun. 27, 2014

Sometimes I think that those trying to create the automobiles of the future are dumb as dirt. Engineers and computer software developers are so busy trying to see if they can get your next car to offer some new capability, they are blind to logic that suggests no car should have that capability in the first place. And the National Transportation Safety Board, doing its job, is demanding that automakers quit putting things into vehicles that would create more distracted drivers. The automakers swear that is the last thing on their mind, yet keep making their vehicles unnecessarily complex.

The Boomers

|Friday, Jun. 20, 2014

In 1971 I graduated high school and set out to make my way in the world, along with 80 million-odd other Baby Boomers. The first of our generation had a five-year head start on my graduating class, while the last of the Boomers would accomplish the same goal by 1982.

Your Car Will Tell on You

| Friday, Jun. 13, 2014

It was the late 1990s when stories started circulating about Black Boxes, which recorded certain basic events critical to accident reconstruction, being put into automobiles. Like the NSA, automakers misled the public on how many such devices new cars were carrying, at first claiming it was just small test of those devices; ultimately we found out that their usage was already widespread. But the implications were clear: Should you be involved in a major accident, your vehicle’s Black Box might tell a completely different story than the one being peddled in a lawsuit.

An American Dream

| |Friday, Jun. 06, 2014

Lately a serious financial doubt has surfaced in the news: Can anyone still achieve the American Dream? Much of the debate has centered on the battle over the minimum wage, but that seems disingenuous; such jobs alone will never move one into the middle class. True, to a teenager, flipping burgers is a valuable lesson in developing workplace skills. But, if you’re still doing the same thing at 30 years old, your odds of becoming a solid middle class citizen have probably slipped away. And no improvement in the minimum wage is going to better those odds.

Where the Truth Can’t be Found

|Thursday, Jun. 05, 2014

I have no idea who Vince Lewis is, but it is obvious that his website perfectly symbolizes everything that’s wrong with finding truthful information today. I can’t determine whether irony or tragedy is at work here — possibly both — but it’s been years since so many individuals have sent me e-mails containing the same link. In this case, the link is to a web page that presents an out-and-out fabrication concerning known facts.