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What “Bad Habits?”

Wednesday, Sep. 17, 2014

Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley started the latest round of auto-doom-and-gloom a few weeks ago. His analysis of the automobile industry contained a prediction about where car sales were headed that was extremely optimistic — with a very pessimistic line at the end. For Jonas predicted that new car sales would rise to 18 million in 2017, an all-time-record high, but would suddenly collapse back to 14 million sales the following year. Not surprisingly, other media outlets would quote that prediction; the Associated Press did on Sept.3.

The Catalyst

|Friday, Sep. 05, 2014

For half of the great American experiment’s history, we were not known for moving around. In our first 100-plus years it wasn’t uncommon for someone to be born, live and die all without leaving the same 8-mile radius. True, settlers moved west constantly, but always in small numbers as compared to the entire population.

“Disruptive” Technologies

|Friday, Aug. 29, 2014

Before they ever visited a new car dealer’s showroom, many people shopping for new cars 20 years ago often read reviews in Car & Driver of new products that might interest them. Some potential buyers would stop by their local convenience store and purchase an invoice book, showing what new car dealers paid for any given vehicle. And then many called their local banker or credit union to find out what the NADA Used Car Guide showed as their current vehicle’s wholesale trade-in value.