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The Great War

|Friday, Aug. 08, 2014

One hundred years ago this week, an unprecedented world war began. The Great War, nobly named “The War to End All Wars,” in many ways altered the world completely. More remarkably, its unintended consequences still ravage the world today. They can be seen in the war now destroying Syria, in the battles in Ukraine, in the Islamist uprisings in Iraq and Egypt – even in the enmity between Iraqis in the country’s south and in the independence that the Kurds in its north demand. Russia’s continued semi-isolation from Western powers, the ongoing conflict between Iran and the U.S., and the war now being fought between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza – all are long-lived political and territorial byproducts of the Great War 100 years ago.

‘Potential’ without Perspective

|Friday, Aug. 01, 2014

Last week brought a slew of positive news for the automobile industry. Most of it sprang from analysts’ predictions that by this year’s end Americans would once again have purchased more than 16 million new vehicles. Everyone sees this as another sign that our economy is finally about to break loose and truly catch fire.

Left out of the Equation: The Driver

|Friday, Jul. 25, 2014

Has the EPA found religion? Suddenly the agency seems concerned that the methods it uses for testing fuel efficiency on new cars and trucks sold in America may not reflect real-world driving conditions. It has come to this conclusion before and, in 2008, rewrote the rules on how manufacturers need to test vehicles for mileage. After that the federal agency recalculated the fuel efficiency of vehicles from long ago, in order to show that in previous decades vehicles were even less fuel efficient than we were once told.