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Automotive Heresy

|Friday, May. 30, 2014

It seems like just yesterday that I couldn’t walk into a 7/11 store without someone behind the counter telling me a tale of woe about their personal Kia Sephia. Bad brakes, no power in its 88-horsepower engine, interior trim not aligning properly and so on. Of course it wasn’t yesterday, but 16 or so years ago.

The Week that Changed the World

|Friday, May. 16, 2014

The 60s brought us an era of great epic movies, whether it was David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia or his follow-up film, Dr. Zhivago; and certainly making that same short list of film classics was Robert Wise’s The Sand Pebbles. Two of the three epics chronicled times when the imperial powers fought for control of backward, Third World countries; Lawrence of Arabia, set during the Great War, detailed Lawrence’s participation on the Middle Eastern front and in helping the Arab tribes as they attempted to unify into nations.

A Simple Plan

|Friday, May. 09, 2014

We are one confused nation when it comes to transportation and the infrastructure necessary to do business in America. As a perfect example, let’s look at our national energy policy.