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Senate candidate Alameel spends his money, speaks his mind

| |Friday, Jun. 27, 2014

The Dallas dentist’s plain talk on the border and the Middle Eaat may attract voters despite his party.

Arlington’s ‘American Dream’ comes in all colors

| |Wednesday, Jun. 25, 2014

The city’s new slogan and marketing campaign put cultural diversity front and center.

There are some sickos out there, and not the Central American children

| |Saturday, Jun. 21, 2014

Fearmongers and immigrant-bashers have always blamed foreigners for disease, but it suddenly seems in political fashion.

Can Perry run in 2016? You bet — as the affable anti-Cruz

| |Friday, Jun. 20, 2014

He’s coming across as a Texas alternative.

From 2005: Lege has a rival for best political show

| |Tuesday, Jun. 17, 2014

A play captures the foibles and fools of the Texas Legislature. But will it play on HBO?

A Muslim reporter’s icy welcome from Texas GOP: ‘Where are you from?’

| |Friday, Jun. 13, 2014

The UT Arlington student says she was the target of comments and followed by officers during the state Republican convention.

From 2005: Perry said if gays like another state’s laws, ‘that’s where they should live’

| |Thursday, Jun. 12, 2014

The Governor spoke in a Fort Worth church after endorsing the Defense of Marriage Act.

Texas GOP’s ‘gay therapy’ stand misunderstood, author says

| |Tuesday, Jun. 10, 2014

A Dallas man says he wants the freedom to seek help with his sexuality, but others fear that parents are forcing children into therapy.

‘Texas Solution’ guest-worker plan sent to GOP exile

| |Monday, Jun. 09, 2014

Opponents say enforcement is more important than economic development, but will voters agree?

Texas GOP platform debates: Therapy for gays, ‘no amnesty’ for illegal immigrants?

| |Saturday, Jun. 07, 2014

The state Republican convention settles in for a long debate about an illegal immigrant work visa proposal.