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Showdown in Van Horn? Sheriff calls border vigilantes’ claim made up

| |Tuesday, Aug. 05, 2014

A convoy of armed militia volunteers continues on its way to San Antonio, Austin and maybe, eventually, the border.

Texas lawmaker’s wisecrack stirs a fiery Louisiana response

| |Saturday, Aug. 02, 2014

State Rep. Dennis Bonnen says he’s sorry to all the Cajuns out there, and Acadiana Americans, and Louisiana French.

Not happy that Fort Worth is the ‘least funny’ city and Texas’ ‘least happy’

| |Tuesday, Jul. 29, 2014

Fort Worth-Arlington ranked last in Texas and in the middle nationally in a survey of personal satisfaction.

1969: The moon landing, UFOs—and the Lake Worth Monster

| |Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2014

Fort Worth’s infamous “Goat-Man” remains a durable legend. But was it inspired by a Star-Telegram column?

Texas Baptist Men say they helped border kids out of love, not for politics

| |Thursday, Jul. 24, 2014

The all-volunteer disaster response team is under attack by some Tea Party conservatives for bathing and feeding children.

For Perry, border policy seems like a 2006 replay

| |Tuesday, Jul. 22, 2014

His crackdowns have deterred crime and drug traffic, but this one doesn’t include local law officers.

Granger set with border plan, but is the House ready for it?

| |Saturday, Jul. 19, 2014

The Fort Worth Republican says her working group will call for streamlining immigration courts and sending the National Guard to help border agents.

Dome memories: Time for the Fort Worth convention arena to go

| |Friday, Jul. 18, 2014

The 1968 “flying saucer,” which no longer fits in downtown, will be replaced by a Cultural District events center.

Conspiracy hobbyists zero in on a new target: Catholic Charities?!

| |Wednesday, Jul. 16, 2014

A libertarian political website unfairly accuses the charity, simply because it has been housing child detainees more than a year.

On child-bashing GOP delegates’ Facebook page, it’s about racial superiority

| |Saturday, Jul. 05, 2014

Border hawks fear Central American children because they’re “bronze.”