Opinion By Bud Kennedy

Teens at JFK speech 50 years ago came back as leaders

Tom Schieffer JFK

photographer unknown / Archive TV footage

A former ambassador and a U.S. representative help Fort Worth celebrate a presidential visit.

Honoring JFK 50 years later

The Dallas mayor remembers the assassination as a time “when hope and hatred collided right here in Dallas.”

JFK honored in Fort Worth, site of ‘the last good memory’

People gather downtown to pay tribute to President John F. Kennedy on the 50th anniversary of his death.

Retracing President Kennedy’s steps in North Texas, 50 years later

The president will be remembered Friday during a Fort Worth breakfast and a Dallas memorial — 50 years after his death.

‘X’ no longer marks the spot where JFK was shot

Opinions are mixed on whether the mark should return.

Jacqueline Kennedy charmed North Texas in 1963, and far beyond

In her pink Chanel suit and matching pillbox hat, she evoked an image that will never fade.

Dallas remembers JFK 50 years after his death

A memorial observance for 5,000 people with tickets will begin about 11:30 a.m. Friday in Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas. There will be a moment of silence at 12:30 p.m.