Obama will send U.S. troops to aid in fight against Ebola 10:33 PM

Congress Ebola

Susan Walsh / AP

President Obama met Tuesday with Dr. Kent Brantly, who did his medical residency in Fort Worth. Brantly contracted Ebola while working as a medical missionary in Liberia. Later Tuesday, Brantly testified about his experiences before a Senate subcommittee.

‘Unnecessary’ death of disabled daughter leads to arrests 4:16 PM

John “Michael” Garvin, a retired investigator and detective, and a another relative are accused of failing to care for Garvin’s disabled daughter, Marci Lynn Garvin, who died in March 2013.

Top Fort Worth transit officials resign 5:44 PM

The executive vice president and the general counsel both left the Fort Worth Transportation Authority.

Time to honor Tim Cole 4:14 PM

A bronze statue honoring Fort Worth’s Tim Cole will be unveiled in Lubbock before family, friends and politicians.

Why does baseball take so long? 3:57 PM

Game length is at an all-time high in 2014 and Major League Baseball is openly concerned that it’s hurting appeal.

Labor Department announces grants to fight tax cheats 11:48 AM

The U.S. Department of Labor on Monday awarded $10.2 million to nearly two dozen states to beef up enforcement of a labor scheme that companies employ to evade their tax obligations.

Obama's Ebola response: Is it enough and in time? 12:24 AM

President Barack Obama declared Tuesday that the Ebola epidemic in West Africa could threaten security around the world, and he ordered 3,000 U.S. military personnel to the region in emergency aid muscle for a crisis spiraling out of control.

Gil LeBreton

Something’s not right about Tony Romo

The Cowboys quarterback hasn’t played like himself.

Bud Kennedy

Male-heavy board slow to hear women’s need for text-to-911

Houston and many North Texas cities take emergency calls by text, but Tarrant County is stuck in dialing mode.

Jim Witt

Bud Kennedy is a great example of ‘new school’ journalism at the Star-Telegram

He’s been at the paper for more than 30 years, but social media has made him one of our most-read writers.

Bob Ray Sanders

American media should not aid Islamic State with its propaganda

Publishing photos of beheadings helps ISIS’ depraved message.

Mac Engel

Peterson overdid it, but he’s no abuser

Labeling Adrian Peterson a child abuser is irrational and incorrect; stupid is more appropriate.

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Today's Circulars

Sheers of Steele Salon

Sheers of Steele Salon

Northwest ISD opens cosmetology student salon.

Titans Cowboys 9.14.14

Titans Cowboys 9.14.14

DeMarco Murray has big game in Cowboys win.

Texas UCLA 9.13.14

Texas UCLA 9.13.14

The Longhorns fall late 20-17.

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