• Yankees vs. Rangers fan pics

    Fans packed Globe Life Park Wednesday to cheer on the Rangers, and say goodbye to Yankees legend Derek Jeter.

  • Taking Sides

    VIDEO: Cynthia Allen and Bob Ray Sanders debate the recent court decisions on Obama's health care law.

  • Real Madrid vs. AS Roma

    Soccer fans packed the Cotton Bowl Tuesday to watch Cristiano Ronaldo and the team from Spain take on the Italian team.

  • Massey's demolished

    VIDEO: The legendary southside restaurant, famous for its chicken-fried steak, was bulldozed Wednesday.

Ebola patient from Liberia to be flown to U.S. 12:38 PM

Samaritan’s Purse / Courtesy

Officials at Emory Hospital University in Atlanta confirmed a patient is coming in the next few days, but could not provide the name because of federal law.

Interfaith group urges lawmakers to protect border kids 4:46 PM

Interfaith clergy asked lawmakers Thursday to protect youngsters who have arrived at the U.S. border after fleeing violence and abuse in Central America. by following the laws currently in place.

Man gets 5 years’ probation in revenge porn case 3:43 PM

Philip Welch Ingram hacked into his ex-girlfriend’s email account and sent videos he’d secretly recorded while they engaged in sexual acts to her contacts, including family and professional colleagues.

SeaWorld, Southwest Airlines ending partnership 1:56 PM

The Dallas-based airline has come under fire from animal rights activists concerned about the treatment of orcas at the amusement park.

Brent released from rehab, eyeing return to Cowboys 10:22 PM

Former Dallas Cowboys lineman Josh Brent is preparing for a possible return to the NFL.

Special guests help Rangers say farewell to Yankee great Derek Jeter

Former Rangers Michael Young and Pudge Rodriguez presented parting gifts to Derek Jeter before his final game in Texas. Former President George W. Bush also helped honor Jeter.

Legendary Fort Worth restaurant Massey’s demolished 2:56 PM

The restaurant was famous for its chicken-fried steak and immortalized by author Dan Jenkins in the book Baja Oklahoma.

Mike Norman

Mike Norman: Theodore Roosevelt’s frustration with Congress seems familiar

‘Fools’ on one side wanted too much, on the other side too little.

Mac Engel

Be realistic, Rangers: Trade Beltre, keep Gallo in minors

The Rangers should wait on Joey Gallo, but if offered the right people immediately deal Adrian Beltre.

Gil LeBreton

Cowboys hunting everywhere for defensive help

In my opinion Injuries continue to hit Cowboys’ defense hard.

Cynthia M. Allen

Why consensus matters in making social policy

Partisan laws forced through Congress aren’t built for the long term.

Bud Kennedy

Not happy that Fort Worth is the ‘least funny’ city and Texas’ ‘least happy’

Fort Worth-Arlington ranked last in Texas and in the middle nationally in a survey of personal satisfaction.

Bob Ray Sanders

New federal sentencing guidelines will be retroactive

The process to free prisoners should be much quicker.

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Today's Circulars

Cavile Place plan for improvements

Cavile Place plan for improvements

The Stop Six neighborhood has gone from boom to bust but the Fort Worth Housing Authority and residents have a plan to bring it back.

Derek Jeter's last appearance

Derek Jeter's last appearance

Yankees legend honored Wednesday at Globe Life Park.

Cowboys Camp 7.30.14

Cowboys Camp 7.30.14

Training camp continues in Oxnard.

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