Workforce growing at GE’s Fort Worth locomotive plant

| |Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

General Electric’s plant in far north Fort Worth recently added a second shift to meet the growing demand for new locomotives by railroads.

A Cleburne artist, an Alamo hero and Aggie football

| |Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

Gov. Rick Perry’s office contacted Cleburne sculptor Jeff Gottfried to commission a sculpture of Alamo hero James Bonham for a trophy that will go to the governor of Texas or South Carolina, depending on who wins the annual football game between A&M and South Carolina.

In a long line of Bushes, a grandson honors his heroic grandfather

| |Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

Fort Worth’s George P. Bush tells the story of his grandfather’s rescue in WWII: “If that rescue had not occurred, there would be a lot of Bushes that wouldn’t be part of our history.”

Ebola survivor: 'I felt like I was about to die'

|Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

Dr. Kent Brantly, who survived after contracting Ebola while doing missionary work in Liberia, is "very close" to the doctor most recently diagnosed with the disease and has spent time in "tearful prayer" for him, according to an interview with NBC News aired Tuesday.

WFAA: Man accused in Kaufman killings had more targets

| |Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

In court filings on Tuesday, prosecutors say Eric Williams, accused of capital murder in three Kaufman County slayings, wanted to kill two other officials.

Glencrest Civic League will continue to fight distillery

| |Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

Members say they were disrespected by the City Council because they are a predominantly black community.

Coming Thursday: Tax cheats cost you billions

Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

Across the country, roughly 10 million construction workers spend each day in a dangerous and fickle industry. They hang drywall, lay carpet, shingle roofs. Yet in the eyes of their bosses, they aren't employees due the benefits the government requires.