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Judge again finds state school financing unconstitutional

| |Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014

State District Judge John Dietz said that the school finance system is unconstitutional not only because of inadequate funding and flaws in the way it distributes money to districts, but also because it imposes a de facto state property tax.

Leases extended for free downtown parking

| |Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014

The temporary extensions are for 60 and 90 days, and the Downtown TIF board will continue to negotiate new terms with owners of two big downtown garages.

High-speed rail gaining momentum in Texas

| |Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014

A privately funded high-speed-rail line from Houston to Dallas would include a single stop in College Station, an official says. Meanwhile, bullet train advocates look at a Fort Worth-Austin line.

Barge on Lake Bridgeport to deal with drought

| |Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014

Lake Bridgeport’s dropping levels force a Springtown-based water provider and a power cooperative to add a barge to keep the water flowing.

Lawsuit filed to stop vote on historical racing in Texas

| |Friday, Aug. 29, 2014

A Fort Worth Republican lawmaker wants a temporary restraining order to stop a controversial vote by the Texas Racing Commission.

All Mansfield marshals sworn in as police officers

| |Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014

Mansfield disbands its city marshals service and Chief Marshal Tracy Aaron becomes chief of police. Gary Fowler is now assistant police chief.

Texas Tea Partiers have Rick Perry’s back — on at least one issue

| |Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014

North Texas Tea Party members say Rick Perry can be ‘all hat, no cattle,’ but they believe the indictment is pure politics.

Bank’s 50-year-old time capsule reveals Fort Worth’s state of mind in 1964

| |Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014

Its contents are opened with an air of curiosity and ceremony Wednesday.

Fort Worth resident is the second confirmed case of Chikungunya

| |Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014

Tarrant County Public Health said there are no signs that Chikungunya has become established locally. The Fort Worth resident had been to Puerto Rico.

Ukraine accuses Russia of sending in tanks, armor

| |Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014

Ukraine accused Russia on Thursday of entering its territory with tanks, artillery and troops, and Western powers said Moscow had "outright lied" about its role and dangerously escalated the conflict.