Moo-ving day is a busy day at the Stock Show

| |Tuesday, Feb. 04, 2014

Getting exhibitors through traffic onto the Stock Show grounds is a dance with many movements.

Short takes

Tuesday, Feb. 04, 2014

When auto and heavy equipment engines got too sophisticated, Barney Billue became a boot maker.

A quarter-minute sport proves who’s faster

| |Monday, Feb. 03, 2014

Women and men vie for prize money in an event that slows down horses three times on purpose.

Teen gambles on steer, hopes for payday at Stock Show

| |Tuesday, Feb. 04, 2014

Wyatt Blaylock’s story of determination and perseverance has not gone unnoticed at the Fort Worth Stock Show.

Tiny horses are tops with young Stock Show competitors

| |Sunday, Feb. 02, 2014

The American Miniature Horse Association is based in Alvarado.

WWII veteran also served the Stock Show for decades

|Sunday, Feb. 02, 2014

Harry Smith repairs fiddles for Branson artists now.

Short takes

Saturday, Feb. 01, 2014

Brittany Banks was showing Chex, her 12-year-old palomino gelding, at the Stock Show on Friday when she got a tap on her shoulder that would change her life.

Dairy farmers leak information at the Stock Show

| |Friday, Jan. 31, 2014

Dairy farmers set up shop at the Milk Parlor for live milking demonstrations on the hour, eight hours a day.

Stock Show crud rears its stuffy head

| |Friday, Jan. 31, 2014

As the Stock Show enters its final week, the dreaded crud will be seen more, nurses say.

‘I think he just stuck his horn in my mouth’

| |Friday, Jan. 31, 2014

The life of a bullfighter at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is full of twists and turns, and an occasional shot to the face.