Cynthia M. Allen

| |Wednesday, Sep. 24, 2014

New pro-choice message disempowers women

In her recently released memoir, state senator and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis acknowledged she had aborted a much-wanted child after discovering her unborn daughter had a severe brain abnormality.

The deeply personal revelation largely succeeded in what was likely its intended purpose — to generate empathy for a candidate whose road to stardom was paved by an impassioned 11-hour, pro-abortion filibuster in the Texas statehouse last year. Read more

Bud Kennedy

| |Thursday, Sep. 25, 2014

Lived here 25 years? Sorry, but we’re not sure you can vote

For 25 years, retired nurse Nancy Neuhaus has lived in a Parker County rural paradise.

So imagine her shock when a letter from the county warned she might lose her right to vote. Read more

Mike Norman

| |Thursday, Sep. 18, 2014

Texas lawmakers will have to tackle electronic privacy issues

No matter what we might think about Edward Snowden’s ethics and patriotism, or lack thereof, the notorious National Security Agency leaker exposed things we didn’t know before about how much information our government can and sometimes does gather about us.

The scandal that he unleashed forced decision-makers to re-examine what NSA and other agencies do, to again weigh issues of individual privacy, particularly electronic privacy, against issues of protecting the public. Read more

Bob Ray Sanders

| |Saturday, Sep. 27, 2014

Texans should celebrate Hispanic culture

Long before there was a Hispanic Heritage Month, I identified with the Spanish and Mexican culture in my home state of Texas.

I studied its history and its influences, got to know people who would become my friends, mentors and heroes, and I became involved in the struggles for migrant rights and more political representation. Read more