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Peterson is a sicko, and the NFL isn’t feeling too well either


Roger Goodell and his league are under fire in a PR nightmare, but it’s only a temporary crisis.

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For Davis, a practiced performance in first debate, but not enough to turn the tide


The Fort Worth Democrat needed a mistake by Republican Greg Abbott, but his 20 years as a state official showed.

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Cowboys getting used to new offense, new Romo


Commitment to running game paid off against Rams.

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Texas lawmakers will have to tackle electronic privacy issues


Committee hears complaints about restrictions on law enforcement.

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Memory of innocent man brings Texas politics to a halt for a little while


The dedication of the Tim Cole statue in Lubbock united political foes, if just for a little while.

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Arlington family set to appear on ‘Family Feud’

Three members of the group are the children of the Rev. Dwight McKissic Sr., senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Arlington.

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The Garden Guru: Answers to common tree questions

Fall is a great time to plant. Read this first to give a shade tree a good start.

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