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Chandler Parsons seems like a sound investment, unlike Romo, Choo and Fielder


Thanks to Dirk and Tyson, the Mavericks’ move makes a lot of sense.

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For Perry, border policy seems like a 2006 replay


His crackdowns have deterred crime and drug traffic, but this one doesn’t include local law officers.

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World Cup lessons should translate for U.S.


Klinsmann-made German team showed the soccer blueprint.

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Opinion: Free speech might make people uncomfortable


A judge protects Open Carry’s gun-rights demonstrations at the intersections of streets in Arlington.

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War in the Middle East is a cause for mourning


Death of young men should have been a reason to search for peace, not wage war.

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The Garden Guru: Good deals help color in landscape

This container-loving gardener makes an exception for a few impulse buys.

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