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Journalism a bad return on investment? Wait a sec


Being invited into people’s lives is a privilege and responsibility.

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The baseball gods are angry, but pray for the Rangers


Lack of a closer and a grab-bag lineup mean the team needs help to keep up with the A’s.

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In H-E-B schools, it’s not Good Friday without a good note


A Bedford lawmaker objects to schools requiring a parent’s note for an excused absence on the Christian holy day.

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The Rangers’ Tanner Scheppers experiment is about over


The right-hander’s starting road hits another pothole.

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Calculators for math tests a problem for schools


The state is looking for trouble with an unfunded mandate.

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A lesson in forgiveness from a Fort Hood victim


When President Barack Obama and the first lady made a return visit to Fort Hood last week, they paused in front of the kind of memorials we have become accustomed to seeing since the start of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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The Garden Guru: Now dig this

Before planting a single seed or shrub, make sure you’ve got the right soil blend to host your new plants.

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