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Top South America hackers rattle Peru's Cabinet

| |Monday, Sep. 01, 2014

The Peruvian hackers have broken into military, police, and other sensitive government networks in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, defacing websites and extracting sensitive data to strut their programming prowess and make political points.

Inquiries begin into nude celebrity photo leaks

| |Monday, Sep. 01, 2014

The FBI said Monday it was addressing allegations that online accounts of several celebrities, including Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, had been hacked, leading to the posting of their nude photographs online.

Levy failure puts PE on the bench in Lapwai

|Monday, Sep. 01, 2014

High school students in a north-central Idaho town will have to take gym classes through an online program this year after a school levy failed.

Leaders leaders seek manufacturing revival

| |Monday, Sep. 01, 2014

On Labor Day 2014, workers in Northeastern Pennsylvania face a job market that has changed considerably over the past several years, while some employers say they can't find new hires with the skills and work habits they need.

Santa Fe schools to launch tech program

|Monday, Sep. 01, 2014

Students at one Santa Fe elementary school will soon share about 250 iPads as the school district takes a first step toward launching a $55 million plan to provide each of its 14,000 students with a digital device over the next five years.

Modi visit draws pledges of support from Japan

| |Monday, Sep. 01, 2014

Japan and India agreed Monday to step up their economic and security cooperation as visiting Prime Minister Narendra Modi won pledges of support for his effort to revitalize the lagging Indian economy.

Iran president urges clerics to tolerate Internet

| |Monday, Sep. 01, 2014

Iran's president urged the country's clerics Monday to be more tolerant of the Internet and new technologies, which are often the target of criticism by influential hard-liners in the Islamic Republic.

Sony wooing Japanese to PS4 with Dragon Quest

| |Monday, Sep. 01, 2014

Sony is trying to woo Japanese game fans to the PlayStation 4 home console that went on sale in November in the U.S. and Europe, but didn't arrive at stores here until February.

Alibaba IPO comes with unusual structure

| |Monday, Sep. 01, 2014

Foreigners who want to buy Alibaba Group shares in the Chinese e-commerce giant's U.S. public offering will need to get comfortable with an unusual business structure.

Ferguson police start wearing body cameras

|Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014

Police in the St. Louis suburb where a white officer shot and killed an unarmed 18-year-old have started wearing body cameras.

AP News in Brief at 8:58 p.m. EDT

|Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014

Heads of House, Senate intelligence panels warn of threat from Islamic State fighters in US

Olympic National Park bans drones amid US order

|Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014

Following a nationwide directive, Washington state's largest national park has joined the list of those banning drones.

Thune could play pivotal role in internet access

|Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014

U.S. Sen. John Thune could play a pivotal role in shaping the future of internet access in America should he become the head of the powerful U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

Tesla Motors dealing as states play factory poker

| |Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014

From the start, little has been typical about Tesla Motors' plan for a $5 billion factory to make batteries for a new generation of electric cars.

In the NFL, imitation is often a form of flattery

| |Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014

Troy Vincent pounds his fists on a conference room table and smiles.

Ohio man builds own bush plane, then learns to fly

| |Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014

Greg Swingle made a near-noiseless pass above the family barn in Philo before dipping his plane into a steep hairpin turn and landing on an uneven stretch of grass that — if he hadn't just landed there — wouldn't seem possible.

Cleveland welcomes growing field of server farms

| |Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014

Northeast Ohio is hardly ready to usurp Silicon Valley as a high-tech mecca, but a growing number of data centers are choosing to locate in and around Cleveland to take advantage of cheap power, an abundance of fiber-optic cable and one of the safest environments in the country for storing digital information.

Firefighters monitor recycling blaze in Marietta

|Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014

Firefighters were monitoring a recycling yard near Marietta after a blaze sent smoke billowing.

50-state look at how Common Core playing out in US

|Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014

A state-by-state look at the Common Core standards:

Buyer's remorse on Common Core for policymakers?

| |Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014

Millions of students will sit down at computers this year to take new tests rooted in the Common Core standards for math and reading, but policymakers in many states are having buyer's remorse.