North Korea athletes on mission for political gold

| |Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

It's a hot, sunny morning at the newly refurbished Sosan Football Stadium in Pyongyang. Two women's soccer teams head to the sidelines of the artificial turf, leaving only a row of archers to continue their practice before several senior sports ministry officials. So sure are they of their aim — or, perhaps, so impromptu is the decision to have them shoot here — that there are no barriers behind the targets, posted on simple squares of straw.

6 candidates in running for equestrian presidency

|Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

Six candidates — all from Europe — are in the running to replace Princess Haya of Jordan as president of the International Equestrian Federation.

Ivory Coast will allow Sierra Leone team in

| |Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

The Ivory Coast government decided late Monday to allow Sierra Leone's team to enter the country, giving the go-ahead for an African Cup qualifier after fears over Ebola put the game and Ivory Coast's place in the tournament in doubt.

5 things to know about driving on marijuana

| |Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

The legalization of recreational marijuana in two states — Colorado and Washington — and medical marijuana in more than 20 others has raised concern that there will be more drivers stoned behind the wheel. What's not clear is whether that will translate into an increase in fatal crashes. Five things to know about marijuana and driving:

Blackwater legacy: a faint memory of Nisoor Square

| |Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

The summer-long trial of four Blackwater security guards in the shootings of more than 30 Iraqis has been a grim retelling of lives snuffed out and the daily life-and-death decisions amid the chaos of war.

Russia's gains cloud Obama's assurances to Baltics

| |Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

For the second time this year, President Barack Obama will travel to Russia's backyard to assure nervous nations of his ironclad commitment to their security. But his objectives will be clouded by the West's inability to halt the Russian aggression in Ukraine that has stoked fears in other former Soviet republics.

Chris Brown due back in DC court for plea hearing

|Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

Singer Chris Brown is expected to appear in a District of Columbia court for what would be a third attempt at a plea deal to resolve an assault case.

50-state look at how Common Core playing out in US

|Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

A state-by-state look at the Common Core standards:

Buyer's remorse on Common Core for policymakers?

| |Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

Millions of students will sit down at computers this year to take new tests rooted in the Common Core standards for math and reading, but policymakers in many states are having buyer's remorse.

US military targets extremists in Somalia

|Monday, Sep. 01, 2014

U.S. military forces targeted the Islamic extremist al-Shabab network in an operation Monday in Somalia, the Pentagon said.