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MLB working to clarify home plate collision rule

| |Monday, Sep. 08, 2014

With the playoffs fast approaching and rampant confusion among players and managers over the home-plate collision rule enacted this year, the commissioner's office and the players' union are working to clarify the rule so that it does not become an issue in the postseason.

Gardener: Gardens of the past reveal lessons worth repeating

| |Monday, Sep. 08, 2014

Next week I revisit the home of Thomas Jefferson, the beautiful and historic Monticello, in Charlottesville, Virginia. As much as I love all the history and architecture of this place, it's the garden that keeps drawing me back. I always find it fascinating to imagine how he and others gardened back then, how it's the same and how things have changed.

Style at Home: Dress your patio for fall

| |Monday, Sep. 08, 2014

For those of us who live in climates where it gets beastly hot in August, September, with its cooler breezes, in an engraved invitation to venture out of the air conditioning and start enjoying your back porch again. It's time to turn this private outdoor space into an oasis for fall. Here's how:

Tour unlocks history as they explore the nooks and crannies of the Albert Gallatin homestead

| |Monday, Sep. 08, 2014

Jacklyn Rider said the most interesting thing about Pennsylvania's Friendship Hill was its link to her grandfather, who was standing just a few feet away from her.

This Lake Union home really, ahem, floats their boat

| |Monday, Sep. 08, 2014

It's a straight shot through the front door into the drink, Lake Union.

Yardsmart: Keep a sharp eye out for hollyhock blooms

| |Monday, Sep. 08, 2014

There is one flower that crops up in vintage photos of early American homesteads. Each year, the hollyhocks shed prodigious seed that was often carried westward with the pioneers. It's easy to spot them in vintage sepia tone photos because the bloom stalks can reach 10 feet tall, towering over the picket fences and porches of farm houses everywhere. They also were planted to screen off the outhouse so prim ladies of the 19th century could announce they were "going to see the hollyhocks" rather than stating their actual intention. Perhaps that well-fertilized ground around the outhouse ensured the plants lived on to screen this necessary building for generations.

Design Recipes: Adding color without a single brushstroke

| |Monday, Sep. 08, 2014

Pick the number one fear factor of many homeowners and it is often the dreaded five-letter word c-o-l-o-r. Many people are simply terrified to stir the brush in that good old can of paint and actually put color on the walls. Here are some ways to add color to a room without a single brushstroke.

Gardens that are new to you

| |Monday, Sep. 08, 2014

Remember your first garden, when it was all new to you? Or a new bed you carved out of the yard that was a fresh start? I was reminded of that sensation this weekend when talking to a veteran gardening friend who moved into a different house this spring and put in four generously sized flower and vegetable beds. She remarked how easy it is to maintain and how quickly you forget how hard it is later once the beds - and your weeds - become more mature.

Treasures: Pieces likely made from faux ivory not rare finds

| |Monday, Sep. 08, 2014

Dear Helaine and Joe:

Home Fix: Bathroom window should be tempered glass

| |Monday, Sep. 08, 2014

Q: I read somewhere that the window in the bathroom is supposed to be safety glass. Is this true? We are replacing our windows this fall and I'm doing as much research as I can.

Plumber: Incorporate 'universal design' features with your new toilet

| |Monday, Sep. 08, 2014

Q: Dear Ed, I am a retired master plumber and enjoy your Q-and-A plumbing column. Sometimes I agree with you and sometimes I have my own opinions. But, this time I would like to hear your opinion on buying a new toilet in today's modern plumbing market. What up-to-date features should I look for when my wife and I buy our new toilet?

Ask Angie: Slow drain causes, possible cures and prevention tips

| |Monday, Sep. 08, 2014

Dear Angie: Why does my bathroom sink drain so slowly? I removed the piping below and it was clear. Meanwhile, the tub and toilet drain normally. Also, how much could it cost to repair the sink drain problem?

Hot Property: Bruce Willis decides his Beverly Hills mansion is expendable

| |Sunday, Sep. 07, 2014

Bruce Willis has sold his walled and gated mansion in Beverly Hills for $16.5 million.

Living Smart: Rules for writing � and reacting to � online reviews

| |Friday, Sep. 05, 2014

As online reviews become an increasingly common tool to help consumers make everyday decisions, from where to eat to which roofer to hire, it's important to keep a few basic guidelines in mind.

I've been in the consumer-review business for almost 20 years. Here are my top three rules for consumers to consider before sharing a business or service provider experience with the world:

On Gardening: Monarchs depend on gardeners like you

| |Thursday, Sep. 04, 2014

Though the southward butterfly migration is just beginning, we are already having a banner monarch season in Savannah, Ga., and elsewhere in the South compared to recent years. For this we are most happy and hoping everyone starts to see this trend. Our spring and summer growing season was superb.

Your Place: Breathe easier, it's Mold Awareness Month

| |Thursday, Sep. 04, 2014

It's rare that I catch one of these "specialty" months until after the fact, but today I'm right on top of September as Mold Awareness Month.

Diggin' In: Ridding gardens of pests without using pesticides

| |Thursday, Sep. 04, 2014

Pesticides are generally just not good. They kill beneficial bugs as well as bad bugs, and adversely impact our environment, especially bee and butterfly populations, according to experts.

Living Smart: Keep care of kitchen appliances on front burner

| |Thursday, Sep. 04, 2014

Next time you use your fridge, dishwasher or stove, be careful that you're not unknowingly making it vulnerable to an early breakdown.

New Kansas City ranch houses pay homage to midcentury modern design

| |Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

The hall in Sharon and Dave Byers' 3,700-square-foot home is long and, well, rather sterile.

Gardener: How to make good soil great this fall

| |Tuesday, Sep. 02, 2014

As a gardener, fall is always an exciting time for me because I know it's the perfect opportunity to enrich the soil in my garden beds. With many seasons and successful gardens behind me, I know the work I do in the next few weeks to prepare my beds has everything to do with the success I have in subsequent years. I also believe it's one of the main differences between the productivity of my garden versus others' gardens I see in my travels across the country.