Route to bankruptcy

Events outside American Airlines' control ultimately pushed the Fort Worth-based carrier into bankruptcy, but it was decisions by company executives that paved the way by leaving American outmaneuvered, analysts and experts say. Here are three turning points on the way to the Nov. 29 filing.

Market forces: Higher labor costs, a global economic slowdown, high fuel prices and a credit downgrade were factors in the board's decision to declare bankruptcy.

Executive pay/morale: "Pull Together -- Win Together" dissolved amid millions in stock bonuses that destroyed good will between executives and rank-and-file employees.

Strategic decisions: American delayed upgrading to a newer, more efficient fleet, and declined to pursue a merger, even as other airlines did.

American, pilots unions will keep negotiating

American US Air 10

RON T. ENNIS / Star-Telegram/Ron T. Ennis

Negotiators for the union and the airline met Friday and hope to reach a contract agreement without going to arbitration.

American Airlines shifting more planes away from Envoy

The airline will transfer at least 50 planes away from Envoy Air as it downsizes a unit where pilots rejected a cost-cutting contract this year.

American scouting possible new headquarters locations

American CEO Doug Parker says the company is in preliminary talks about a possible new headquarters but may decide to stay at its current complex in east Fort Worth.

Flight attendants share frustrations with union, company leaders

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker meets with flight attendants and says recent contract rejection reflects history of distrust between workers and management.

American, pilots union to resume negotiations

The two sides will continue contract negotiations after the pilots union board sent a counterproposal to the company Friday.

American’s pilots not satisfied with airline’s contract proposal

The Allied Pilots Association said the proposed contract does not provide enough compensation and would allow for more regional jet flying.

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