Route to bankruptcy

Events outside American Airlines' control ultimately pushed the Fort Worth-based carrier into bankruptcy, but it was decisions by company executives that paved the way by leaving American outmaneuvered, analysts and experts say. Here are three turning points on the way to the Nov. 29 filing.

Market forces: Higher labor costs, a global economic slowdown, high fuel prices and a credit downgrade were factors in the board's decision to declare bankruptcy.

Executive pay/morale: "Pull Together -- Win Together" dissolved amid millions in stock bonuses that destroyed good will between executives and rank-and-file employees.

Strategic decisions: American delayed upgrading to a newer, more efficient fleet, and declined to pursue a merger, even as other airlines did.

Retired flight attendants sue American over travel benefits

American retirees protest 5

Bob Booth / Special to the Star-Telegram

A lawsuit filed in a Chicago court says changes in travel benefits put retirees behind 500,000 others for free flights.

American sees profits at low end of guidance

American adjusts its guidance after passenger traffic fell flat in August while Southwest Airlines sees unit revenue grow as passenger traffic increased.

American plans to transfer jets away from Envoy Air

The pilots union says it’s outraged that it’s being punished for refusing to approve additional concessions after bankruptcy.

American will not renew US Airways naming-rights deal on Phoenix arena

The Fort Worth-based airline already has its name on the American Airlines Center in Dallas and the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

American Airlines fares are back on Orbitz

The two sides enter into a letter of intent to settle a dispute over booking fees.

American, US Airways unions making progress towards uniting at merged carrier

Nine months after the merger, flight attendants are negotiating a new joint contract while pilots and ground workers are taking steps to form joint bargaining units.

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