American Airlines posts $480 million profit

| |Friday, Apr. 25, 2014

The combined American-US Airways reports revenue of $10 billion in its first full quarter as a merged company.

American must pay benefits of union-represented retirees, judge says

| |Friday, Apr. 18, 2014

American Airlines wanted to make all retirees pay the full premiums for their health and life insurance benefits. The bankruptcy judge says the carrier may do that only for non-union workers.

American Eagle is now known as Envoy Air

| |Tuesday, Apr. 15, 2014

The regional carrier needed a new name as parent American Airlines Group began contracting with other carriers to handle regional flights.

American Airlines to take $60 million hit from winter storms

| |Tuesday, Apr. 08, 2014

The Fort Worth-based carrier said it canceled 34,000 flights in the first three months of the year.

American makes changes to its frequent flier program

| |Tuesday, Apr. 08, 2014

The changes will affect the 110 million members of the American Airlines and US Airways loyalty programs.

AMR shares pay off for investors despite bankruptcy

| |Friday, Apr. 04, 2014

Holding onto shares of AMR Corp. is paying off handsomely for investors.

American Eagle pilots vote no on a new contract

| |Friday, Mar. 28, 2014

By rejecting the contract offer, American Eagle will not be given newer larger planes to fly for American Airlines, the company said.

American responds in pilots union dispute over seniority

| |Sunday, Mar. 23, 2014

Fort Worth-based airline says an agreement signed by unions before the merger spells out a process for integrating pilot seniority lists.

US Airways mechanics union wants to strike

| |Thursday, Mar. 20, 2014

US Airways and the International Association of Machinists have been in contract talks since 2011, and the union wants a new deal before integrating with American Airlines workers.

Bankruptcy court near ruling on American retiree health plans

| |Wednesday, Mar. 19, 2014

American is seeking to modify its retiree health plan by making retirees responsible for the full cost of the premiums.

Winter weather delayed a third of the nation’s flights in January

| |Wednesday, Mar. 19, 2014

Although Fort Worth-based American Airlines posted an on-time rate of 76.5 percent, it was the fourth-best among domestic carriers and better than its three major competitors, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines.

Merger brings fresh start, new challenges for American Airlines unions

| |Saturday, Mar. 15, 2014

Labor relations are improving at American Airlines, but some work groups are happier than others.

Chicago agency suing American Airlines over tax incentives

| |Thursday, Mar. 13, 2014

The agency that oversees public transportation in Chicago is suing American Airlines, alleging that it falsely claimed to buy “vast amounts of jet fuel” from a small office in a rural community to avoid paying tens of millions of dollars in taxes in the nation’s third-largest city, where the actual work is done.

American gets $381 million for New York, Washington assets

| |Tuesday, Mar. 11, 2014

The price for the divested slots at Reagan National and LaGuardia airports, required by an antitrust settlement with the government, was much higher than expected.

American Eagle pilots union to hold ratification vote on proposed contract

| |Friday, Mar. 07, 2014

The Air Line Pilots Association’s master executive council reversed an earlier decision to reject the proposed 10-year contract, which includes pay freezes until 2018, without a vote.

American Eagle jet from DFW makes emergency landing

|Thursday, Mar. 06, 2014

The Embraer 145, carrying 45 passengers and three crew members on a flight from DFW to Moline, Ill., on Wednesday night, was diverted to a small airport in Greenville after smoke was reported in the cabin.

US Airways pilots file lawsuit over merger integration process

| |Monday, Mar. 03, 2014

The US Airline Pilots Association wants a federal arbiter to determine the process for integrating seniority lists with the Allied Pilots Association.

US Airways flight attendants vote to join American union

| |Friday, Feb. 28, 2014

US Airways flight attendants will now be represented by the Association of Professional Flight Attendants.

American Airlines ends bereavement fares

|Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014

American Airlines has ended its policy of extending special fares to passengers who must book a last-minute flight because of a relative’s death.

American Airlines CEO urges Arizona governor to veto anti-gay bill

| |Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014

Doug Parker says the law, which would allow businesses to refuse service to customers on religious grounds, would jeopardize future business in the state.