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Latest State headlines from AP

Tornado shelters face dilemma with pet lovers

| |Friday, Apr. 25, 2014

Jerry Starr thought he was taking the safe approach when a twister was reported heading toward his suburban neighborhood outside Oklahoma City last May. He grabbed his teenage daughter Dyonna and his dog and drove to the local City Hall, which serves as a public storm shelter.

Jury recessed in Backe brutality trial

|Friday, Apr. 25, 2014

A federal judge has recessed jurors until Monday after they reached an impasse on a former Houston Astros pitcher's multimillion-dollar brutality lawsuit against Galveston police officers who beat him in 2008.

Boy accused in Conroe-area storekeeper's death

|Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014

A 13-year-old boy has been charged with capital murder in the slaying last month of a Montgomery County convenience store owner.

Jury deliberations slow in Backe brutality trial

|Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014

A federal judge is urging all sides to work toward settling a former Houston Astros pitcher's multimillion-dollar brutality lawsuit against Galveston police officers who beat him in 2008.

Armstrong teammate Hincapie pens stark memoir

| |Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014

George Hincapie was the "Loyal Lieutenant" who helped Lance Armstrong to seven Tour de France titles, only to later provide the key testimony that brought his downfall.

Severe storms loom across central US this weekend

| |Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014

Forecasters are predicting a significant chance of strong tornadoes this weekend across a large part of the nation's mid-section, an outbreak that could stretch from the Great Plains to the Midwest and South.

Study links California drought to global warming

| |Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014

While researchers have sometimes connected weather extremes to man-made global warming, usually it's not done in real time. Now a study is asserting a link between climate change and both the intensifying California drought and the polar vortex blamed for a harsh winter that mercifully has just ended in many places.

University: Unclear if sperm mix-up intentional

| |Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014

The results of an investigation released Thursday concluded that it may never be known how a convicted felon replaced a patient's sperm with his own two decades ago and fathered a child, or whether he did the same type of switch with other families.

Texas prison fugitive returned to US

|Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014

A fugitive Texas prison inmate on the run for almost 16 years before his capture in Mexico last year has been extradited to the U.S. to finish serving his sentences.

Major oil and gas firm to list fracking chemicals

| |Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014

A major supplier to the oil and gas industry says it will begin disclosing 100 percent of the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing fluid, with no exemptions for trade secrets. The move by Baker Hughes of Houston is a shift for a major firm; it's unclear if others will follow suit.