Liz Reyer: Managing an underperformer

Q: I have a challenge with an underperforming employee. He is being given a last chance; how do I give him assignments to see if he can step up while still maintaining my team's quality of work?

Balancing Act: Devices help blend, blur work and personal lives

It's 3 a.m., and Steven McCraney is thinking about his next move. Does he get up and start shooting off emails from his iPad?

Rex Huppke: Income equality? Check your facts

We live in a world of perceived absolutes.

Your Office Coach: Resolve issues with 'loudmouth' colleague sans confrontation

Q: My coworker "Greg" seems to enjoy making me feel stupid. As the receptionist, I am responsible for various administrative tasks, including outgoing mail and copiers. Unfortunately, our postage meter is located on Greg's desk. Whenever I have difficulty with it, he makes comments about my lack of mechanical ability.

Diane Stafford: Choose temp work with care for career advancement

The number of workers employed through temporary help agencies is at all-time highs. Each week about 3 million people - 2 percent of the workforce - cycle through staffing companies.

See how your resume compares to other job seekers that have applied for the same position

Ever send a resume to an employer and feel like it was lost in a black hole? According to a Personified survey of 250,000 job seekers, nearly 60 percent of job applicants reported they never received a response from employers they recently applied to for a job. CareerBuilder launched a free tool this week called hireINSIDER that helps to remove some of the guesswork from the application process by enabling job seekers to see how they stack up against other applicants for a job. By getting an inside peek into the qualifications of other candidates, job seekers are able to better assess if they are a viable candidate for the job and the likelihood of an employer contacting them.

Give it a try now

Website Makes Finding a Job in Dallas Easy

As a Dallas job seeker, finding the right job position means starting at the right website. There are ways to make your Dallas job search a little bit easier. Here are 10 tips from career experts to simplify your job search:

1. Learn how to get past the generic HR inbox

Typically e-mailing your résumé human resources or filling out an online application means it will get short shrift once opened on the other end. Most of the time it's being pre-screened by a software program for keywords that correspond with the job requirements. "People need to understand what an applicant tracking system is, what it looks for and how to maximize the odds that your résumé will pass through the [system], and move on to human eyeballs," explains Jenny Foss, a career expert who blogs.

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